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The Main Themes in Poem “Beowulf”

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  • Pages 4
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    The desire of power is the mother of the worst things in the world. Lost honor is the hardest thing for a man to lose, also is the best thing for some people to win. People live just once, so a lot of them want to die with honor. A death like this comes just for a person who lives with a clear conscience, and there is no way for other forms of death, only in clear conscience. In another way the desire to protect people who you love urges to do thoughtless things. May the desire to save your people sometimes is so meaningless in the easy of people.

    Women always have been the factor about all things in the world, such as bad or best things. In this topic I will give my opinion about things that pushes Beowulf to say that famous quote ‘’ you know why you can’t kill me, my friend? ‘Cause I died many, many years ago when I was young ‘’. Desire of power, lost honor, desire to win the honor, a death with conscience, power of women, the love for your people and other things will be the main part of this essay. All these mentioned things are included in main themes of Beowulf such as, Loyalty, envy and reputation. Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. ” Abraham Lincoln (© 2012 Goodreads Inc. ), so Beowulf didn’t pass this test. The power made him so unpredictable in his decisions, such as a man like him, the best fighter, falls victim of his desire for power. Maybe in this case his character is not to be desired but there are a lot of things that maybe pushed him to deliver himself faced in his wishes. Lost honor and desire to win the honor there are two different points of view.

    Before Beowulf came to kill the monster he said ‘’ I am not here for gold, I am for glory ‘’, so glory is very connected with honor. Beowulf’s work for honor is in the highest level what a fighter would like to be. Until to deliver himself to a women or saying better your main enemy is the best way to lose your honor after you wins it with a lot of pain. No one is perfect, but some mistakes are only unacceptable, to cooperate with your enemy, thinking for a day when you have to fight with her will never come is stupid thing.

    To die with conscience, after lot of fights, a lot of power, after all people thinks that Beowulf is hero and their protector, in himself, he wants a die with honor, his soul is so broken, he is near the death, an old man, and his physical skills are leaving him, the only thing he can do is his last fight. May he think he cannot replace his honor but finally he can kill the monster and his people will be free forever? Power of women, one of the most ‘’powerful weapons’’, not just in modern world.

    Another point of view may is power of women, what urges Beowulf to say his famous quote. Why? Because on that time being supervised or lying his people for a woman was a kind of death. Beowulf as a hero may has died when he agreed to accept the power under woman power, and in the end the real death is easier than moral death before years ago. Until for a leader, a real leader, only thing that make him loved by his people is the way how much he protects them. Beowulf may love his people so much such as is ready to cooperate with the monster for his people.

    Loyalty is one of the main points, cooperating with enemy of your people is loss loyalty, until people like him have no reputation even you can be a hero for many years such a mistake like this is unpardonable. Really envy kills people alive, Beowulf was jealous, and very ambitious, these two words are very connected with each other , ambitious pushes you to envy, until envy in destruction than it came loss loyalty and other bad things. In the end of all I can conclude: Life is very short to die two times, like in this case.

    Second death of Beowulf it is not very important because all of us will die, until form of death or the way you die is very important but in the end of all it’s a die, when you stop breathing and heart stop beating. But, first death of Beowulf is the worst death for a man who is born as a good fighter and died fighting. His words make me think that he is remorseful, and when you are remorseful of course you did something. All these things that are mentioned such as: Desire for power, lost honor and desire to win honor etc. , are very connected and explain very well the life of Beowulf and his quote.

    Living with a honor and died without it, living with power and losing it year after year, a man without reputation and loss loyalty, I think are enough to say your enemy ‘’ you know why you can’t kill me, my friend? ‘Cause I died many, many years ago when I was young. As I said in the beginning, desire for power, this is the main part of this poem in my opinion, because this pushes in other things that are mentioned, it makes you very imaginative, but nothing last forever, even power. The end comes and you wish to improve your mistakes, and a death in battlefield is the smallest thing he could do.

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