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Caribbean Studies IA


Words: 2907 (12 pages)

Their success was as a result of taking a risk, an unexpected opportunity and a creative, innovative mind that invented a demand. We are able to create new jobs and improve the current jobs available with this new technology. Therefore we need to focus on using technology to improve education; this will Impact the types…

Povery Ia for Caribbean Studies


Words: 5844 (24 pages)

Caribbean Studies Internal Assessment (Poverty within the Caribbean) Title page Candidate Name: Akizar Bascombe Name of School: Speyside Secondary School Centre Number: 16055 Candidate Number: 160550049 Subject: Caribbean Studies Name of Teacher: Mr Augustine Statement of problem What are the causes and effects of poverty and how does it impact on family life in the…

Caribbean Island Montserrat


Words: 558 (3 pages)

Montserrat is a volcanic island in the Caribbean. On the southern end of the island is the Soufriere Hills volcano. The volcano, which first erupted about 100,000 years ago, has been dormant for centuries. The volcano took the islanders by surprise when it began to erupt again in 1995. Since then life on the island…

Forgive My Guilt Literal Meaning




Words: 1001 (5 pages)

Le loupgarou is about old women who talked about a man(le bran) who wanted to have fortune so he made a deal with the devilbut the devil tricked him a took his soul and gave him poisoned fruit to sell that sickened the towns people and part of the devil”s trick was that the man…

Reforest the Caribbean


Words: 489 (2 pages)

Choosing to sponsor a community based reforestation project on a large Caribbean Island would yield the most satisfying returns in terms of biodiversity, sustainability, and the goals of the project. Allowing the community to become involved in the project will make them feel invested in their environment and will help produce an environmentally healthy awareness…

Cultural Retention, Renewal and Erasure Sample




Words: 1324 (6 pages)

Culture can be defined as the manner of the life of a people. with respects to both the stuff and non-material facets. However. as a consequence of a development and maturating society. in add-on to the birth of assorted coevalss and external influences. these “ways of life” can be unwittingly retained. renewed and even discarded….

Caricom Achievements



Words: 1544 (7 pages)

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is celebrating 40 years of integration in 2013. Discuss the achievements of CARICOM in light of the statement and make suggestions for future development. Kerri Mc Neil Happy fortieth anniversary to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)! An establishment which has transgressed shared colonial history; propelling its fifteen member states and five associate…

The Impementation of Hrm in the Caribbean Has Not Failed


Words: 690 (3 pages)

It is with keeping with the moot that “the implementation of HRM in the public service has not failed” one must bear in mind that the Caribbean region has struggled significantly without the absence of proper human resource management due to several constrains. Just to name a few slavery and colonisation. The legacy of the…

History and Characteristics of Haiti as a Country



North America

Words: 503 (3 pages)

The Caribbean Islands are one of the most traveled to place in the world. One of these islands in the Caribbean Sea is the island of Hispano, which is both the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This country has a recorded history of about 552 years. They also have special culture. The general…

Case Assignment Royal Caribbean


Words: 2186 (9 pages)

Forty five years and forty ships later, based out of Miami Florida, Royal Caribbean is the second largest cruise line in the world, behind frontrunner’s Carnival. ARCH operates its ships under the brand names Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Pullman, Samara Cruises, and Crisis©rest De France. These fleets are competing in the maturing oligopolies and…

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