The Impementation of Hrm in the Caribbean Has Not Failed

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It is with keeping with the moot that “the implementation of HRM in the public service has not failed” one must bear in mind that the Caribbean region has struggled significantly without the absence of proper human resource management due to several constrains. Just to name a few slavery and colonisation. The legacy of the colonial administrations rather evident in the systems of administration and politics had taken a great toll on proper HR management in the region. This legacy led to the creation of Public sector bodies in the region in the 1950’s such as the Public Service Commission in Jamaica that is still in existence.

The region faced with a scarcity of human capital must ensure that efficient human resource management is implemented to facilitate sustainable development. Firstly the implementation of HRM cannot be a failure but a success as one may examine according to human resource management in the Caribbean: planning for the future by Isaacs, that the Public Services of the Caribbean, in their quest for efficiency and effectiveness, place emphasis on human resource management and planning.

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Human Resource Planning, specifically the establishment of information systems which support planning efforts, takes on increased urgency and significance as the region faces the problem of the scarcity of human capital and the need to plan for, rather than react to, human resource management problems. Secondly the introduction of regional initiatives such as the CaribHR forum which is a free network of Caribbean HRM professionals and other related disciplines. Members represent several Caribbean countries.

This forum provides a venue and means for sharing information and discussing topical issues related to the field of human resource management. This innovative scheme assists the region on a whole in its quest for a unified front of Caribbean states with equally brilliant ideas in maintaining efficiency in our environment. This grouping allows ideas to flow freely and will assist us in competing with the best markets in the world. HRM has an important and strategic role to play within an organization especially the Public sector as this role involves the proper management of the company’s talent in order to gain a competitive advantage.

We have seen in Jamaica and Trinidad, Barbados and the Bahamas (just to name a few) are rather super examples of the successes of HRM in the Public Sector. Activities in this role will include the following: •    Recruiting and selecting the right people. •    Developing and implementing the necessary training processes to ensure that employees have the appropriate skills to be successful in a global economy. •    Ensuring that the company has a competitive, cost effective benefits package.     Designing and implementing the necessary systems to accurately assess the performance of the employees. •    Developing innovative compensation packages that will attract, retain, and motivate employees. •    Creating and maintaining an organizational culture that encourages employees to maximize their potential. •    Helping the organization and its employees adjust to changes taking place around them. The above role is important and adds value to the organization. Pursuing such will give a great deal of credibility and respect to HR.

We must however agree that not all the polices implemented are efficiently instituted in some areas for example humans are not perfect by nature and even with the best cost effective packages employees can underperform for one reason or another, economic constrains, if compared in today’s environment where Caribbean economies budgetary limitations any hinder the proper funding of these initiatives. Under the MOU between the government of Jamaica and the trade unions the allocation for the work-study programme for some public institutions have been either postponed or reduced.

Notwithstanding the hindrances we have benefitted greatly from the implementation of Human Resource Management in the Public Sector and as a result the initiatives, programmes, polices and systems instituted has blossomed and I believe with further research, development and due cooperation it will remain a success. Sources Differential Approaches to Human Resource Management Reform: in the public services of Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. By Bissessar, Ann Marie http://caribhrforum. com Public Sector Management Coursework material HR And New Approaches to Public Sector Management: Improving HRM Capacity Stephen Bach

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