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Fatima Bahir Biography



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    Fatima Bahir was born in Afghanistan in a city called Kabul in the year 1977. She is a young woman who went to a school for refugees in Peshawar, Pakistan. In the year 1993 all the violence and fighting increased to a point where no place in Afghanistan was no longer safe. All her family members left her and gathered while they all left in a minivan to journey across the border so that they could all be free. Fatima said that Pakistan is described as “culture shock. ” Today she is an Ottawa resident and a Canadian citizen. She is forming arrangements in the public service for a career to work as a director.

    Currently, she is employed at Citizenship and Immigration Canada as a Learning Consultant. Since Fatima is a refugee she does not require any sort of status or mobility rights. For Fatima, education was supported by international organizations and the only choice for her was to attend a very strict girls-only refugee school where she took up residency for the next four years of her life. Every morning, Fatima had classes where she was taught by refugees that were also university-educated teachers. Then during the afternoon she would attend classes at an English language school, which was very high valued. Ms.

    Bahir worked hard and instantly graduated high school, but decided to stay to teach English in hopes to help others. “No one wanted to be in a country where they had no rights, so the goal was to immigrate to Canada, or any country that would accept refugees and give them immigrant status and to do that learning the language would be the first step. ” She says. Fatima’s hard work caught the attention of the World University Service of Canada (WUSC). They recommended her to apply for their Student Refugee Program, once she received the good news of being accepted she knew that her “brighter future” was on the way to success.

    She also attended Brandon University in Manitoba, where she was entitled to a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. The WUSC was informed about Fatima great achievements and choose her to join an internship program for refugees with CIC, called Young Newcomers Internship Program, because her utter success in this program it lead her to earning a full-time position at CIC. Even though she was not born a Canadian citizen, her story has left inspiration for the rest of the refugees that they can have success as well.A

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