Peace On Earth: is it possible?

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Peace is something that many of us hope for on Earth. It is something that many people work for. strive for and decease for. But is it possible? Is it possible to unify the states of the universe and live in peace and harmoniousness? Is it possible to unite faiths. civilizations. and races to finally accomplish. what many beauty pageant contestants. call. “World Peace” ? Good eventide adjudicators and fellow pupils. Peace is defined as “a province of common harmoniousness between people or groups” . This statement tells us that Peace on Earth is something that can non be kept by force. it can merely be achieved by common apprehension among people. There are many different ways to reflect on the word ‘peace’ . I ever thought of peace as a province of which our universe got along. one state to another. I besides thought of peace as a province of composure between people where contending or dissension does non be. I feel that today the pen is mightier than the blade ; and many pacts and dialogues have ended wars because people are willing to sit down and discourse their issues.

However. I believe in our life-times. the full universe will non be wholly at peace. since there are so many different sentiments between universe leaders. Peace in the universe starts with each and every one of us. It is a blooming flower whose ether can be felt by each and every psyche. As I find my ain interior peace. I spread that into the universe outside of myself. After all. “Peace comes from within. Do non seek without it” as The Buddha one time said. So from our ain interior peace. we therefore become couriers of peace among the people with who we interact with. So from our little group of household and friends. to insouciant familiarities. to our assorted communities. As those communities become more peaceable. so metropoliss and states become more peaceable. As metropoliss and states become more peaceable. states become more peaceable. As states become more peaceable. the universe becomes more peaceable. And this whole sweet sand verbena consequence. begins with our ain hunt for interior peace. Therefore we each demand to works the seeds of kindness and peace in the universe. one idea at a clip. one determination at a clip. one act at a clip. and one twenty-four hours at a clip. The United Nations is an administration born to salvage the universe from the flagellum of war.

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After the Cold war. fought between USA and USSR. the universe was plagued with struggle. and peace had been lost on Earth. The United Nations was an instrument to recover and keep peace and harmoniousness on Earth. Today. the United Nations plays an of import function ( straight or indirectly ) in determining the events of the universe to advance harmoniousness. the protection of human rights and peace on Earth. In the words of Ronald Regan. “Peace is non absence of struggle. it is the ability to manage struggle by peaceable agencies. ” Even late the United Nations has used its power to seek settle ongoing struggle between Ukraine and Russia. by naming an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire. This impermanent armistice has been enforced since the 12th of February this. nevertheless struggle still remains in the part. This delicate true has allowed critical human-centered attempts by the UN to increase. to the victims.

With the decease toll set to surge over the already. reeling figure of 5700. this ceasefire has given hope to 1000s of guiltless people. caught in the crossfire. Our power of love has been wholly replaced by our love for power. I feel that this conveys the thought that. depending on life’s challenges. peace is genuinely difficult to accomplish at all times. The delicate status of our Earth ; gores. and terrorist act. are endangering the very foundations of universe peace. The things we could make if some states could set an terminal to their power hungriness. and pillage of neighboring states to spread out their districts. Take the likes of Martin Luther King. Nelson Mandela. Mahatma Gandhi.

These are all glistening illustrations of nationalists who sacrificed their lives for peace in their state. In Summation. Peace on Earth is the female parent of advancement. Without it. a state. allow entirely a universe can non do any advancement. For peace is a blooming flower. turning in each and every one of us. Besides. our power of love has been wholly replaced by our love for power. However. I think we can alter this. rectification I know we can alter this. Nevertheless some believe that human nature finally prevents universe peace. What do I believe about universe peace? I think there is so no such manner to peace. instead peace is the manner to do a better universe.

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