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The Automobile and the Radio During the 1920’s

ford motor company


Words: 595 (3 pages)

The 1920’s, also known as the “roaring 20’s,” witnessed significant technological progress. Despite being commonly associated with The Great Depression, it is important to recognize the impressive accomplishments that arose in this period. Notably, two remarkable innovations were the automobile and the radio, which are still considered extraordinary advancements. However, these developments also had their…

Automotive Industry in the United States

Automotive Industry

ford motor company

Words: 1357 (6 pages)

The Automotive Industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Transportation needs is something that effects all of us. In the automative industry there are several production types, parts, accessories, vans, mini vans, trucks, SUV’s, compacts, sedans, sports and luxuries. There is over 30 different manufacturing automotive companies. Many of these companies have…

History Of The Car

ford motor company


Words: 1168 (5 pages)

In the old ages of 1940-1970, American cars had changed drastically, along with the type of people who bought them and what they were used for. At the beginning of this epoch you could purchase a glistening new Chrysler Town & A ; Country for less than 2,000 dollars. Most of the makers who made…

Research on Hybrid Cars

ford motor company


Words: 7669 (31 pages)

Overview Of The Project: This project is based on the latest technology in automobile (car) industry- HYBRID TECHNOLOGY. In this project we are going to discuss about the hybrid technology in cars, the impact of hybrid technology on Indian automobile (car) industry, the companies which have adopted and benefited through this technology and the findings…

Fords supply chain strategy in 2000

ford motor company

Supply Chain

Words: 3019 (13 pages)

After conducting an analysis of the current situation, it was found that there are several problems present in the supply chain. One major issue is that the information flow is hindered beyond level one suppliers. Advancement of Information Technology within the supplier base. Competitors migrated to an online organization. The decision at hand is whether…

Computer system & e-solutions


ford motor company

Words: 2894 (12 pages)

1. Introduction The advent of computer has changed the way the world moves. Distance factor is no longer a problem. The physical might appear a big place with things at far off places but the world in virtual form doesn’t believe in distance. Everything can be achieved within minutes if not seconds. The whole technology…

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