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Titanic Film Review

Film Review


Words: 905 (4 pages)

Titanic is a 1997 American romance film directed, written, co-produced and co-edited by James Cameron based on the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The flying scene in Titanic is a beautiful and romantic sequence because it invites the audience to empathies with the lovers. These two lovers are the protagonists of the movie, a young…

Killing Us Softly a film review

Film Review

Words: 508 (3 pages)

One of the films that struck me the most was “Killing Us Softly”, the documentary on how advertising and the whole media in general can basically run this entire world. Sounds a bit drastic, but I really believe that this statement is true because of the many horrible incidents that happen throughout the world today….

The Theme of Women’s Equality in Movies

Film Review

Words: 2055 (9 pages)

What does made in Dagenham tell us about aspects of ‘the women question? ” for instance what are women like? What do they want? What is their proper sphere? You may wish to comment upon how the film works as a film for instance framing images, music, and characterization. Etc. Made in Dagenham The film…

Adolescent Pregnancy in the Film Juno

Film Review

Words: 1962 (8 pages)

            As the back of the DVD box accurately states, teenager Juno McGuff “takes a nine-month detour into adulthood” when she accidentally becomes pregnant.  This detour forms an important, unusual part of her dialectical maturation through Erik Erikson’s adolescent stage.  The crisis at this point in Erikson’s (1994) schema is the identity crisis, in which…

The Departures ( A Japanese Film Review)

Film Review

Words: 429 (2 pages)

The Departures: A Movie Review The Departures are a Japanese film that encapsulates the theme of love in terms of words and actions. This is a plot-oriented film which has a surprising element on how the story develops; from a cellist then to a job far from what he really had imagined- preparing dead bodies…

“Mission Impossible II”: The Modern Spy Film

Film Review

Words: 1011 (5 pages)

In a movie genre filled with to a great extent accented hero s, fancy autos, beautiful adult females, and secret plan deflecting action scene s, Mission Impossible II breaks off to stand out as a modern reincarnation of the past spy/action movies. Tom Cruise returns to play Ethan Hunt, who is a materialistic working for…

Twelve Angry Men Film Review

Film Review

Words: 926 (4 pages)

Everyone can fall victim to being prejudice, but there are certain levels that can determine whether or not a person is viciously prejudice. In the movie 12 Angry Men, twelve jurors with different personalities and background must decide whether an eighteen year old boy is guilty of killing his father. While some base their opinion…

The Love Story of Harold and Maude

Film Review


Words: 1256 (6 pages)

            Harold and Maude is a morbid love story about a young man and a 79-year-old woman.  Harold enjoys faking suicide to shock his mother, however, Harold has faked his death about sixteen times, so it no longer fazes his mother.  She ignores it.             When Harold crashes a funeral, something he does on a…

Pedro Almodovar Auteur

Film Review

Words: 1727 (7 pages)

A film that I found to be interesting and entertaining was Volver (2006) by Pedro Almodovar. Almodovar is a director that received acclimates of being a very distinct auteur very early in his career. Almodovar’s style and influences are prominent all throughout Volver. I will be discussing Volver and how it has become a typical…

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Film Review

Words: 253 (2 pages)

The story begins abruptly, as we find our mock heroes out in the desert en route to the savvy resort of Las Vegas. The author uses a tense hitchhiker as a mode, or an excuse, for a flashback that exposes the plot. An uncertain character picked up in the middle of the desert who Raoul…

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If I wasn’t a film-maker, I’d be a film critic. If film critics could destroy a movie, Michael Bay and Adam Sandler would be working at Starbucks. No film critic’s going to say it, but ‘Madagascar 3’ is better than ‘The Artist. I have cultivated a little crew of people whose opinions I understand.


Film criticism is the analysis and evaluation of films and the film medium. In general, film criticism can be divided into two categories: journalistic criticism which appears regularly in newspapers, …

Purpose: Film reviews are written for the general public by usually journalists or other non-academics and appear in newspapers, magazines or online around the time the film is released in theatres. Their purpose is to describe the plot, characters, director, etc in order to help determine whether or not a film should be seen.

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