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Inequalities in Titanic


Words: 710 (3 pages)

Women would work awards impressing men because there was no other way women could take care Of themselves without a man. Rose’s mother pressures Rose to marry rich because their family is out of money and insists because they’re women they don’t have choices, and within the film this appears to be true. Women would…

Ideological Elements Of Titanic Film Studies



Words: 2061 (9 pages)

This research explores about the mise-en-scene of the film ‘Titanic ‘ and its impact to the movie industry. This chapter discusses the mise-en-scene that is applied in this film, and besides we will discourse about how the impact to the movie industry after released the film ‘Titanic ‘ . ‘Titanic ‘ is an American catastrophe…

Titanic: One Of The Love Story With A Tragic Ending


Words: 627 (3 pages)

I have watched a lot of movies, but Titanic is my favourite movie ever. The movie has several cliff-hangers that make people curious and exciting. The thing I learned about Titanic were many. Some facts were interesting, some sad and sometimes I wondered :” Why did not they fix the script ? “. The movie…

A Summary of the Poem After the Titanic by Derek Mahon


The titan


Words: 330 (2 pages)

In this poem, we get a glimpse at how Mahon perceived Ismay to see himself. Lines 1-2 The first two lines speak of the inquiry into the sinking of the Titanic and the effect it had on Ismay. The opinion of the inquiry, that Ismay stole the life of a woman or child to whom…

Titanic Research Paper


Words: 882 (4 pages)

Designed by William Pierre, many considered the Titanic unsinkable”. Although none of its builders declared it to be so, its sixteen airtight compartments earned it this nickname. Even Captain Smith admitted, “l cannot imagine any condition which would cause this ship to founder. I cannot conceive Of any vital disaster happening to this vessel”. (Adams)On…

Lesson from Titanic



Words: 2545 (11 pages)

According to the builders of the Titanic, even in the worst possible accident at EAI, the ship should have stayed afloat for two to three days yet it sank in less than three hours. Current theories indicate that the ship sank quickly due to material failures (brittle fracture) and design flaws (non-watertight compartments within the…

Titanic Film Review

Film Review


Words: 905 (4 pages)

Titanic is a 1997 American romance film directed, written, co-produced and co-edited by James Cameron based on the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The flying scene in Titanic is a beautiful and romantic sequence because it invites the audience to empathies with the lovers. These two lovers are the protagonists of the movie, a young…

Why The Titanic Sunk

The titan


Words: 1595 (7 pages)

Why The Titanic Sunk Overview             During the early 1900s, J. Bruce Ismay, who was the President of the White Star Line, and Lord Pirrie, Chairman of Harland & Wolff Shipbuilders, longed to build luxury ocean liners as the company’s means of competing in the transatlantic passenger market. White Star Line had three ships lined-up…

The Best Movie Titanic



Words: 290 (2 pages)

The best movie i have ever seen is” Titanic”. The reasons i like it so much are the grand scenery and the romantic content. The film Titanic is about the love story of Rose Dewitt Bukater and Jack Dawson. It is a classical romance story. Rose was from the American upper class but Jack was…

Summary of After the Titanic

The titan


Words: 847 (4 pages)

This poem by Derek Mahon is about Bruce Ismay’s troubled life after he survived the sinking of the Titanic. The poem shows that Bruce Ismay may have survived in a physical sense. But he became mentally and emotionally unwell and died a broken man as a result. The inquiry that followed the sinking of the…

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