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Appearances Can Be Deceiving, Assignment

Common Law






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David Buckram’s $mom claim for libel and slander rejected by US judge In this case with David Buckram’s $mom claim for libel and slander of a celebrity magazine that alleged he slept with a prostitute, Irma Nice age 26. US judge rejected his claim, the libel laws in the US are more favorable to defendants….

To what extent are UK judges both independent and neutral?

Constitutional Law






Separation of powers

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1a) With reference to the source, describe the measures that exist to maintain the independence and neutrality of the judiciary. The independence of the judiciary from the executive and legislative is said to kept by things like their fixed salaries and sub judice rule. Their salaries ‘are paid from the Consolidated Fund’ and aren’t fixed…

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What is being a judge?
A judge oversees a trial or hearing, serving as an impartial referee and making decisions on which arguments, questions and evidence are admissible. Judges may determine the extent of punishments levied during trials. In some trials, a judge is also responsible for handing in a ruling in the case.
What is the most important role of a judge?
What is the role of a judge? The role of the judge is to keep order or to tell you the sentence of the person. ... In cases with a jury, the judge is responsible for insuring that the law is followed, and the jury determines the facts. In cases without a jury, the judge also is the finder of fact.
What is the role of the judge?
In the U.S. judicial system, judges are tasked with presiding over trials and maintaining order. They also review whether or not there are any illegality issues per the evidence submitted. ... Additionally, judges are also responsible for sentencing convicted criminal defendants. Most cases are heard and settled by a jury.
Why do I want to be a judge?
Many people want to be judges because they think it is a prestigious job that will make life easier, or it's hard work but it's better than billing hours. Talk to judges and find out exactly what they do and how they go about it.

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