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Short Essay- Art Paintings

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Art Paintings

Art is everywhere (Guillermo, 1976). We can find it through our daily activities. We can find it in every thing we saw without knowing that what we see and what we touch is already the works of art. Art add up to the beauty of life. It gives color, and light to every single piece of everything. Without it, life is so boring and null. In paintings some people cannot appreciate its beauty, color combination and the real essence of it.

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Short Essay- Art Paintings
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But for the artist himself, it means a lot to him/her. All his/her effort is put into his/her masterpiece no matter how he/she presents it to the public. For them there is always an amazing story behind every product of art. Though the meaning is not that obvious but the art of doing so is indeed a marvelous one.

Paint artist uses different strokes for letting the object speaks for it self. Intense and attractive color to catches the eye and attention of the viewer or public.

Because color gives life and meaning to every object the artist used. They mostly use their wild imagination to create amazing and marvelous paintings. Some may even look like a photograph captured object because of its naturally mixed color used by the artist. These paintings are usually found in museum where most painting lover usually goes. Several paintings were displayed, with different colors, forms and meaning. Most paintings are usually based on artist feelings, hobbies, experiences and interest. Painters are indeed awesome and great that they made their imagination speaks up through their work of art.

Artist uses different techniques in creating art. In the museum, they uses skeleton in some type of primitive stone as their object for paintings. Artist tries to illustrate the old way of living of ancient people especially in Stone Age. On this art they use attractive colors to capture the eyes of their audiences. Bright colors were used for the dresses of skeletons to illuminate the room where it was standing. Artist uses color as their way of putting life for their object. Artist able to express the way the Stone Age people lives through using appropriate mixtures of colors of canvas. They let color speaks for their imagination and uses it as a tools of captivating the attention of the audience. They trigger the mind and thoughts of the audience. Artist captures the interest of the spectators and they let them wonder about their art. I can say that artists or people themselves have great and wild imagination. They possessed the ability of bringing the past to the present with the help of art. They have different form of expressing their selves and able to transform it the way they really want it to. Artist uses different tricks and styles on how they will create their masterpiece so that their possible audience may also encourage observing and appreciating their work. A person therefore has innate skills in making great things possible. He is able to show and give life to his imagination, thoughts and vision as well as captivating the mind and mood of the viewer. Man has the ability to preserved and show life in the past to the recent generation through giving it life through art.

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