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Clinical Observations

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Clinical Observations

            A series of clinical observations was done to obtain a clear picture of what radiology technologists do and how their interactions with doctors, staff and patients affects the quality of their job. Radiology refers to the use of imaging technology to discover, diagnose and treat a variety of different diseases. The gathering of such images is routinely conducted by radiology technicians who are trained to do x-rays, ultrasounds, computed tomography and MRIs. Radiology technicians are not responsible for reading the results; this job is left to radiologists who have extensive medical training.

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Clinical Observations
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The primary responsibility of a radiology technician is to gather clear images that allow radiologists to discover diseases in order to effectively treat them. My time spent with radiology technicians was rewarding and educational.

            I had the opportunity to watch radiology technicians in a variety of different areas including HIPAA notification, general radiology, fluoroscopy, the emergency room, computed tomography, MRI, angiography, portables, the darkroom and digital imaging and image processing.

Each of these different areas gave me the opportunity to learn about the importance of radiology technicians as well as how they are most effective at their job. While observing, I learned about patient interactions, coworker interactions and communication skills between doctors and patients. I was also able to reflect on the profession in order to discover what I like and dislike about the job.

            The interactions between the radiology technicians and patients were positive and supportive. The radiology technicians always ensured that the patient had been informed of his or her HIPPA rights and made sure they understood what their rights were. The technicians I observed were very willing to answer questions and obtain any information the patient was requesting. Additionally, the technicians also explained what the procedure would consist of and why it was being done. Again, they were willing to answer any questions along the way. The technicians were very knowledgeable about each different type of imaging and what results could be obtained from each procedure. In other words, each technician was an expert in his or her area of imaging technology. I observed nervous patients relax as the technicians explained the procedures and answered any questions. In this way, the technician patient interactions were very professional, friendly and supportive. Finally, technicians were very caring towards patients during the procedures, which was evident by their concern about comfort and ensuring that they helped patients get into proper position. It was also evident by their emphasis on radiation protection for the patient, themselves as well as for observers like myself. They knew how to handle the equipment in such a way that allowed the patient to be comfortable while also ensuring the safety of all involved.

            I also had the opportunity to observe the interactions between the technicians and their coworkers. I feel that in order to be successful in the medical field one must work closely with coworkers in order to collaborate and share knowledge. I observed this phenomenon among the radiology technicians that I observed. They maintained professional, friendly and respectful relationships that allowed for collaboration. The radiology technicians were able to discuss procedures with one another as well as rely on each other for support if needed. I observed several times when one technician would assist another in gathering supplies or answering patient questions. Similarly, the technicians that I observed worked well with the doctors reading and analyzing the tests. The attitude they had was one of mutual respect that was built on the importance of each job. The doctor cannot read the results without the work of the technician so the doctors I observed were very respectful of the technicians and were willing to do anything necessary to make their job successful. Additionally, the technicians were not afraid to call or approach the doctors with any questions or concerns. I think this type of working environment allows for better patient care as all those involved seemed to truly care about getting the very best images possible as was demonstrated to me through a tutorial on image gathering and reading.

            When I reflect on this profession there are many things that I like about it. I enjoy the idea of providing such important diagnostic information to doctors in order to provide the very best patient care possible. I also like the idea of working one on one with patients to answer their questions and teach them about the importance of radiology technology. I also relish the thought of forming close working relationships with other technicians and with the doctors. It seems technicians are most effective when they are able to form such relationships and it also ensures that they enjoy and look forward to their job. At the same time, there a two dislikes that come to mind associated with the profession. First, I think it would be very difficult to work with patients who may be suffering from life threatening diseases. I know that these patients are often extremely nervous and scared and I worry about my ability to ease those fears because there are no guarantees in the medical field. Additionally, I found it rather depressing to spend so much time in windowless spaces where the outside world was not visible. Overall, what I liked about the profession outweighed what I did not like and I can truly see myself enjoying and excelling as a radiology technician.

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