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Volcanic Eruptions

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The Destructive Power of Volcanoes

Volcanic Eruptions

Words: 402 (2 pages)

The is one of the most violent and deadly of all natural forces. In a short period of time, these massive explosions of the earth’s crust can shatter whole communities. Valcanoes are very distructive no matter how big or how small they erupt at. They cause the highest amount of deaths and the greatest amount…

Volcano Project with Two Teenagers

Volcanic Eruptions

Words: 1609 (7 pages)

However, I I II actually performed this volcano project with two youngsters, one a pre-school and the there a kindergarten student. Granted, was I always there, and they won’t get the larger part of the earth science equation yet, but they (and l) had a great time from start to I finish. Since our goal…

Conduit That Connects a Volcano to the Earth’s Surface

Volcanic Eruptions

Words: 1411 (6 pages)

Vents A vent is a blowhole in the Earth s crust through which magma ( liquefied stone ) and gas are released. The magma, once it reaches the surface, is called lava. The lava forms a hill around the blowhole or gap. The lava can flux out as a syrupy liquid, or it may explode…

Cause and Effects of Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic Eruptions

Words: 997 (4 pages)

Introduction There are over 20 active volcanos left in the world today. Have you ever wondered or learned about what causes a volcano? Volcanic eruptions can be a huge deal for the environment and the people around it. What causes do volcanos have on the environment and what cause does it have on the people?…

Differences Between Basaltic, Rhyolitic and Andesitic Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic Eruptions

Words: 2214 (9 pages)

Explain the differences between Basaltic, Rhyolitic and Andesitic volcanic eruptions with reference to processes, which lead to the eruptions, the type of volcano produced and the reasons for the differences between the material erupted by these volcanoes. Volcanic eruptions are caused by a red-hot liquid rock, called magma inside the earth’s core. Volcanoes erupt when…

The Positive and Negative Effects of Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic Eruptions

Words: 715 (3 pages)

A volcano is an opening in the earth’s crust were magma from deep inside the earth forces its way to the surface. Once the volcano erupts the magma is called lava. Volcanic eruptions have positive and negative effects. For example the lava flow can cause complete chaocs and dismantle villages, but once the lava decompses…




Volcanic Eruptions


Words: 968 (4 pages)

A vent is a blowhole in the Earth from which molten stone and gas erupt. The molten stone that erupts from the vent forms a hill or mountain around the blowhole. The lava may flux out as a syrupy liquid or it may detonate from the blowhole as solid or liquid atoms. Three basic stuffs…

Differences in Volcanic Hazards


Volcanic Eruptions

Words: 1362 (6 pages)

Analyse the factors that cause differences in the hazards posed by volcanoes around the world (40 marks) A hazard is a situation that poses a level of threat tolife, health, property or environment. The level of hazard posed by different volcanoes can very greatly, from a weak eruption with minimal impact that causes little damage,…

Frequently Asked Questions about Volcanic Eruptions

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What causes volcanic eruptions?
Most of the world's volcanoes are found around the edges of tectonic plates, both on land and in the oceans. On land, volcanoes form when one tectonic plate moves under another. ... When enough magma builds up in the magma chamber, it forces its way up to the surface and erupts, often causing volcanic eruptions.
What is volcanic eruption in your own words?
A volcanic eruption is when lava and gas are released from a volcano—sometimes explosively. The most dangerous type of eruption is called a 'glowing avalanche' which is when freshly erupted magma flows down the sides of a volcano. They can travel quickly and reach temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.
What is volcanic eruption introduction?
Volcanoes erupt when magma, red-hot liquid rock, seeps up through a vent in the earth. More violent eruptions occur when pyroclastic material – a mixture of magma, rocks, ash, and hot gases – is exploded upward by pressure caused by underground gases and magma. ... Volcanic eruptions vary in size and display.
Why do volcanoes erupt essay?
Volcanoes erupt when molten rock called magma rises to the surface. Magma is formed when the earth's mantle melts. ... Another way an eruption happens is when water underneath the surface interacts with hot magma and creates steam, this can build up enough pressure to cause an explosion.

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