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Food Waste Marketing Brief

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South Australia’s figures are substantial; each household wastes around 5517 or $213 per person (Australia institute, 2009). Wasted food also wastes water and other resources used to produce the food. As McDonald is the world largest fast-food chains, it is the obligation to participate into sustainTABLE development program with other ethical corporation. 2. Business and Research Objectives. McDonald’s Australia is a quick service restaurant company. As of 31 DCE 201 3 there are 890 McDonald’s restaurants across the country and employ approximately 95,000 people in both restaurants and management offices.

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Food Waste Marketing Brief
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But wastage always happens in McDonald’s restaurants. For example, McDonald’s have strict holding times for products to ensure quality as the unsold chips have to be thrown out after seven minutes, and the burgers after 20 minutes in theory. Normally, the unnecessary waste happens when oversupply burger/chips at busy dinner time, if less people comes, those extra food will be throw away. (McDonald ALL’S, 2013) The aim for the research is by offering reliTABLE data analysis for food waste to invoice McDonald’s improve food processed techniques and take on their ISRC to educate customer get involved with environmental friendly activities.

The specific content as below: C] Build awareness and knowledge of the food waste in McDonald’s employee and customers perception 0 Identify the motivation of customer get involved with reducing waste identify barriers and difficulties encountered by customers C Examine future sustainability of McDonald CLC Examine other aspects of behavior relating to food waste Those diagnose will cover food waste both inside and outside McDonald’s saturate, but mainly analyses inside the restaurant. Finally, the research client will provide possible solution and recommendation for the company.

Recommendation C] Shop wisely as planned or better healthy meal provide from McDonald’s. RL “Green global” advertising on the service plate and surface of food package. RL Non-fat chips or burgers can cut off people’s hesitation for eat whole meal or not. CLC New processed technology to ensure the food can keep fresh longer. C] Reduce the unnecessary package like convince customer eat inside the saturate. C Forecast the customer volume in peak time and prepare accurate numbers of food supply. [1 Different size meal at different times, such as keep-diet meal and non-sugar meal.

Edward insider ISRC participants through limited value menus, promotional games to promote old/new items on the menu egg Happy Meal toys, Big Mac Hockey Contest and card games. 3. Research Methodology Qualitative Here, the purpose is to explore and understand consumer behavior and attitude rather than a statistical data. We employed group discussions (up to 00 participants are invited from the three segments each) and in-depth interviews. The discussion normally last around la hours and in-depth interviews 45 – 60 minutes, household customer are the major participants.

Most interviews Were done by face-to-face interviewing. Some award as happy meal’s toys (limited version). The topics are around McDonald better food & service, Green McDonald’s interaction, McDonald advertising preview and generally interaction feedback gathering. All and all, it focuses on overall McDonald experience and life style. 4. Target Market The research target for food waste of McDonald’s in Australia (particular in South Australia & VIC) segmentation is divided into three different bases (Marketing thesis, 2010). )Demographic Segmentation: Kids, Family and Students McDonald’s offers different products like Happy Meal which includes a free toy for kids. However, sometimes kids are only care about the toys rather than food, which lead to waste. Possible solutions as make it “doggy bag’ or parent guidance. For families it has made different outlets and meals which are suiTABLE for takeaways and drive-thru. In case of the bump during the riving time, McDonald should provide user friendly package to avoid leakage with recycled package material.

It also should apply for students that have lunch at McDonald’s. 2) Cryptographic segmentation: Convenience and lifestyle McDonald’s has adopted itself to the convenience and lifestyle of the consumers. The brand resonance can be decoded as “Easy to have, Easy to recycle”. To certain degree, the food process technology is key as keep food fresh longer. 3) Behavioral segmentation: Occasions, Birthday parties Of kids, finishing assessment International student For the rush user group.

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