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Essay- God Love Josh

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spiritual gifts do I give to the Body of Christ?
Commitment, Worship, Forgiveness, Love, and Joy.
I was baptized at High Street United Methodist Church and through my church family they continue to guide me to live a Christian life. Through Sunday school, The Children’s Sermon, Special Events, Jr & Senior MYF, the Scouting Program and Choir, Yes choir, I attempted to sing, and that’s when I first learned about commitment. I remember Mrs. Stephenson bribing Carter and I with candy bars at every practice to keep us coming! Mrs.

Street and Mrs. Strozier are great examples of giving to the body of Christ through teaching us how to sing and giving to others. They were committed to us. Even though singing didn’t turn out to be my greatest gift, I learned when you commit to something you stick to it till the end.
I honor Christ through worship and service, not just on Sundays but also throughout the week.

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Essay- God Love Josh
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Reverend Reeves, the Ponders and my Passport leaders have done a great job with my church family and church related groups to better understand praying and various ways of helping others. Through Rev. Reeves, Mr. Spengeman’s Sunday School class, and MYF I have grown to understand praying a lot better, its not just words of wisdom its words from the heart. For my high school baseball team this year I took the initiative to lead us in prayer. After we state the Lord’s Prayer, I come in and say a little team prayer to get everybody focused and remind them to be thankful for all the gifts God has blessed us with. This past summer my Passport Leader Lindsay, encouraged community service throughout local communities and how you can make a difference not just locally but worldwide. My church family also has encouraged this, and this is why helping others comes easy to me. Through my everyday life I help others and like to see others succeed with my aide!

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