The Effects of Text Messaging on Teen Literacy

Text messaging can affect a person’s social skills, writing skills, driving skills. The money that people spend on phones and texting can cause financial hardship. Text messaging has begun to have a detrimental effect on people’s writing skills. They use inventive spelling and abbreviations. As most teenagers get used to short texting, some of their grades dropped to the spelling errors they make. So many teens get used to wing abbreviation that they write that way. Teenager’s writing skills have turned into sentence fragments because of the limited space that they put texts into sentence. Among the 64 percent of students who say they incorporated text language in their writing, 25 percent said they did so to convey emotion and 38 percent said they have used text shortcuts A lot of students’ vocabulary and grammar is also affecting their literacy. ”(How is text messaging affecting teen literacy? ) The outlook of the teachers is that “The same Pew study, which included 800 teens from around the United States, said 64 percent of teens with cell phones have texted in class.

Text Plus recently released results of its own survey of 1,214 teens that use its service, 43 percent of which have texted in class” (Is your teen texting in class). They seem to pay more attention to their phone than what the teacher is teaching. They seem to have the phones that will spell the word for them so they don’t have to worry about spelling. So when they at school they really don’t know how to spell in real life are hard for some teens. Text messaging is a method that is adapted to teenager’s social skills. Most teen’s relationships’ are put to an end with the help of texts.

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Teens seem to break up with their girlfriend or boyfriend with just a text message. More teenagers seem to spend more time texting than to hanging out there their friends and family. It even can prevent introverted people becoming confident. They may seem to think that things are just fine when they are not really. Texting can make people have really bad problems. Some teens use their phones just for the web. They will be on Face book most of the time doing really nothing. They don’t even take the time to walk, or sit down to have a talk with their parents.

They are not doing homework because they are spending too much time texting and Face Booking. “A study released in 2010 by the American Public Health Association reported that hyper-texting; texting more than 120 times a day, can lead to an increased risk of smoking, drinking and drug use, physical violence and sexual activity. Of the teens who have experimented with alcohol they are three times more likely to have had sex than teens who messaged less often. Surveyed, the hyper-texters were twice as likely to have sex. ”(Text messaging and Teenagers).

Teens that are to text and drive seem to have a lot of accidents. Like “Aaron Deveau was a 17 year old high school student that was sentenced 2 ? years behind bars for the life of Donald Bowley Jr. Aaron had sent 193 text messages the day of the crash, including some just a minute or so before impact and dozens more after it. Police say Deveau’s car crossed the center line on a Haverhill street and crashed head-on into Bowley’s vehicle. Bowely, a father of three, died 18 days later of injuries authorities say he suffered in the crash.

His passenger and girlfriend, Luz Roman, had an extensive stay in the hospital recovering from her injuries. ”(Mass. Teen guilty in fatal texting-driving crash). When driving and texting, people don’t keep their eyes on the road. You may have your head down for a minute, than when you pick your head back up and there go the accident. Taking your eyes off the road can change people lives forever. Text messaging also can be a distraction in the class for students and teachers. Teacher would stop teaching just to check there text message. Students would be in class why teacher be teaching.

Some of the kids seem to just don’t mind by texting in class. “(April 4, 2012) – College students who frequently text message during class have difficulty staying attentive to classroom lectures and consequently risk having poor learning outcomes. “Among 190 completed questionnaires from students who attended a lecture-based class lasting 50 or 75 minutes, the average number of text messages students viewed in class was 2. 6, Wei’s team reported. Students sent, on average, 2. 4 texts while in class”. (Text Messaging in Class May Affect Students’ Learning).

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