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My Trip to Australia on Summer Vacation

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  • Pages 3
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    After a long monotonous school schedule and unbearable heat of summers, I was looking forward to a big day for every student that is the day our summer vacations start. My summer vacations started from 10th May the last day of school, it was exciting as I have been discussing about the holidays plan with my friends and lots of plans were already running in my mind and almost occupied the major portion of my mind.

    The very next day I started discussing plans with my parents but no sooner I realized that I have my vacations but not my father as he still has his office work but seeing my excitement he finally planned a holiday to Australia.I was very excited about this holiday, as I have been seeing such a fascinating place like Australia either in movies or on Discovery channel. The moment I thought about Australia I had an image of miles and miles of lush green lands, Kangaroos and beaches but Australia is much more then what I was thinking. After packing all the stuff we left for New Delhi, I was being accompanied by my elder brother, mother and my father.

    We boarded our flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi on 9th June at 8:30 in the morning and reached Australia on 10th June at 12:30 in the noon.We received a warm welcome from our tourist company representative and went to our hotel after checking in the hotel we all took a long sleep as we had hectic schedule for the next day. After a long sleep we all were feeling very refreshing then we left for Jet Boating it was a thrilling experience then we went for World wide famous Sydney Stadium, which was built in 1908 and then we went for Sydney Harbor Bridge which is a steel through arch bridge which connects Sydney central business district and North Shore after a long tiring day we got back to hotel for the dinner and a sound sleep.The next morning we went for Sea Plane, which is capable of landing on water, I have been seeing this in Movies several times and now we all were ready for the ride I was having butterflies in my stomach as I was going for it for the first time it was a enchanting experience and then we went for the dinner organized on a Cruise it was very delightful and took the view of the whole city from the cruise and then we headed back to our hotel as we had to leave for Cairns next morning.

    Cairns is a regional city in far north of queens land Australia.It took us 3 hours to reach Cairns after reaching Cairns we left for green island on a ship there we all did swimming and a great time on the island. The next morning we boarded the flight for Gold Coast, which is near to Brisbane we had our dinner while watching a horse show which is very famous in Gold Coast after finishing with the entertaining show we went back to our hotel for a sleep I was too tired after a long tiring day and was excited for the next morning as we were going for the Dolphin show.It was a refreshing morning of 16th June it really amuses me at times that why time passes away so soon when we are on a holiday, but with a feeling of excitement to watch Dolphin Show we left our hotel.

    After watching the dolphin show we left for water ride show, which was one of a kind and I didn’t even realized that it was already evening and the day passed away. The next day and in fact the last day we went to the amusement park where I enjoyed some amazing rides such as Spiderman ride, Green lantern ride etc. hich were quite frightening, last but not the least we had our dinner with a good bye show organized for us as we were suppose to leave next morning it was already 18th June last day of my Australia Vacation was boarding flight with loads of memories captured in my heart, mind and camera. The day I landed in India I was happy to be back to my Motherland and was looking forward to go home and share my experience with all my friends and family members.

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