New Vacation Policy Guidelines

            In implementing the new guidelines for vacations, it will be essential to plan out how it can be communicated to all employees in the most effective manner - New Vacation Policy Guidelines introduction. This is because the company covers employees from different backgrounds. This diversity, though it may be interesting, can also give difficulty to the situation. However, proper management of the situation will keep everybody informed while allowing the policies to be implemented.

            First, I will draft a memorandum for the new guidelines. This will be the general guidelines that will be used in the different memoranda that will be routed to offices abroad. The first target audience that I will consider would be the staff of the offices throughout the United States. This will be fully written in English.

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            Secondly, from the general guidelines I will develop different versions of it for employees from abroad. This will be done with consideration to the cultural backgrounds of the employees. Laws and government policies will also have to be considered. Thorough studies and research should be made as to the different corporate settings in other countries, especially in making sure that no existing law contradicts the new guidelines.

            Third, necessary translations should be made. This may be done through bilingual personnel. It is important to have all translations double-checked with a bilingual native speaker too to ensure accuracy. Language barrier is an important factor to overcome in this situation. Otherwise, the guidelines may be misinterpreted and the policy may not be implemented efficiently.

            Lastly, the mode in which the copies of the policy will be distributed has to be planned. It will be easy to send copies electronically to offices which have internet access. With offices which do not have internet access, hard copies sent via courier as well as soft copies in fitting format will be needed. In doing these steps, the guidelines will be implemented effectively.


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