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on “A Temporary Matter”

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Essay on “A Temporary Matter” In the story, “A Temporary Matter”, Shoba, the wife, tells her husband, Shukumar, that she is going to move out. The loss of their baby is a key factor in this decision but it is not the only factor. One cause of the relationship ending the way it did was the fact that Shukumar was never around. Shoba and Shukumar could never really spend time together because he was always working. While this did not in any way cause the death of the baby, his not being there during the birthing process was an important factor in the decision that Shoba made to end the relationship.

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Despite Shoba telling Shukumar to go on his business trip anyways, he should have stayed and helped Shoba which is what most people in a relationship would feel they should do. This was a bad decision on Shukumar’s behalf because it caused Shoba’s mother to dislike him and he was not able to be there to console Shoba over the loss of their baby.

Another thing that caused the relationship to end is that even after the death of the baby, because of how isolated they both became from the world and from each other, there was a lack of communication between the two of them and so they were unable to simply move on.

In order for a relationship to work, there needs to be communication. If there’s no communication there can be misunderstandings and that can lead to disputes between the two of them and this can tear the relationship apart. If Shoba had spoken with Shukumar about how she felt and if Shukumar had been there to listen to her the relationship could have probably survived; however, the only time they actually talked was during the hour that the lights had gone off every night.

An hour is not nearly enough time to talk about anything serious such as the loss of a baby and with them not really talking to each other aside from that one hour, the feelings of pain and resentment would just grow until the breaking point where the relationship just doesn’t mean anything anymore. This is exactly what happened in the story The third cause is indeed the loss of the baby; however, this would not have so effectively ended the relationship had the other two causes been remedied with Shukumar being around for Shoba more often and the two of them actually communicating with each other.

Those two causes in a way make this third cause more of just a tragic event that happened rather than a cause of the break up. In order for any relationship to work well, both people should be equally involved in trying to make it work and there should be communication between the people in question. Without those two things, the relationship is simply destined to fail.

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