“A Temporary Matter” Analysis

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In the story “A Temporary Matter,” Shoba informs her husband Shukumar that she plans to leave. While the loss of their baby plays a significant role in this choice, it is not the sole factor. Shukumar’s constant absence is a contributing factor to the breakdown of their relationship. Due to his work commitments, Shoba and Shukumar rarely have opportunities to spend time together. Although this does not directly cause the baby’s death, Shukumar’s absence during the delivery greatly influences Shoba’s decision to terminate their relationship.

Shukumar made a poor decision by going on his business trip, despite Shoba’s suggestion. Most people in a relationship would believe that they should stay and support their partner. Unfortunately, Shukumar’s choice led to Shoba’s mother disliking him and his absence during the difficult time of losing their baby. Additionally, their relationship suffered due to the isolation they both felt and the lack of communication following the tragedy. Consequently, they were unable to move forward together.

Communication is crucial for a successful relationship. Without it, there are chances of misunderstandings and disputes that may ultimately break the relationship. If Shoba and Shukumar had openly discussed their feelings and if Shukumar had been attentive, they might have been able to save their relationship. Unfortunately, they only communicated during the hour when the lights were out each night.

In the story “The Third Cause,” it is evident that an hour is far too short to discuss important matters like the death of a baby. Without any other meaningful communication beyond that hour, the pain and resentment between the couple will only continue to grow until their relationship becomes meaningless. The loss of the baby is only one of the reasons for their relationship’s downfall. If Shukumar had been more present for Shoba and if they had communicated effectively, the loss of the baby may not have had such devastating effects.

When both causes are present, the third cause becomes more of a tragic incident instead of being a direct factor in the breakup. For a relationship to succeed, both partners must be equally committed and have open communication. Without these elements, the relationship is bound to fail.

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