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Essay on the Concept of a Soulmate



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    The Concept of a Soulmate has always been hard to explain and evenharder to believe, but once you have love someone to the point where youknow such passion and connection will never happen again, than you realizethat the person that provoke this feelings was you Soul mate. But wheredoes the Soul mate myth come from?We can start with the scientific part of love, and no one does it betterthan Discovery Channel. This famous research network ran several tests toprove if a Soul mate could exist and came up with some very interestingresults. A research professor planned a series of test with 7 of hisstudents; he asked 6 females to wear a shirt for 48 hours without removingit at any time, they even instructed to sleep with the garment for twocomplete nights. At the third day, the females were asked to place thisgarments in different jars while a gene study was been taken. Once theyplace the garments the also place a cover tag of the number of genes theyhad in common with the 7th individual which was a male.

    On that same day, the male was asked to sniff in the jars and to place theone he like the most in the front of the row and place the other is thatsame descending order of the most to the least liked. The results showedsome shocking results, since the scent he was most attracted to was thescent of the female with the most non-matching genes and the one he dislikethe most was the one of the female with the most matching genes.

    Another common thought or version of the soul mates is the theory of”Opposites Attract”; this theory tries to explain how a person can fall inlove with an individual that is their anti-thesis, and about how well theycan complement each other. The feminine side of the male partner is theperfect matching of the strong and toughness of the female partner. Forexample: people wonder what did The Beauty saw in The Beast, well I mustsay that what ever she saw she loved and obviously no one else had seenbefore. With this I know that the person that lacks what you have cancomplement you more than an individual that has more of yourcharacteristics and lacks the same thing in personality that you do.

    The best version of the Soul mate Theory comes from the ancient Greeksand it presents the existence of a bean so perfect that the Gods becameworried and jealous about their creation. This beautiful and arrogantcreature hade the knowledge of a goddess and the beauty of the male bodyall in one, and it seem to understand all the power and secrets of theGods that created them and walked around the Olympus knowing its wisdom andstrength for being one single been and also a very divine creation; forthis, the Gods felt fear and decided to divide this perfect been in two,and send them out of the Olympus separate with the purpose of finding itsother half and become one single loving and perfect been once again without representing danger for the Gods.

    What ever version you prefer, I’m sure you will find any explanation goodand maybe even convincing as long as you are in love. But It is nice toknow that no matter who we are, there is some one for us out there in thishuge and sometimes lonely world.

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