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Nmmu student information system Essay

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The story of Romeo and Juliet, is a world famous story created by William Shah speaker, the story was not only known for the “love at first sight” between Romeo and J elite, but also their forbidden love because of a feud between their families.

But this didn’t stop t hem, for they cited to marry in secret with hopes from the friar that the feud between the e two families, would finally end. In Act 3 scene 5, it starts after their wedding night, in their bed, rig HTH at the morning.

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Nmmu student information system
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As the lark sang its song like every morning the couple woke up knowing that Romeo had to leave Juliet because of his banishment which was caused from killing TABLE.

A t this scene we learn how Romeo tries to accept his faith and how he handle?s with the situate on, how Juliet isn’t want him to leave, and what the two lines at the end meant for Rome o and Juliet.

At the moment, Romeo have to leave Juliet because of the banishment from t he Prince because he killed TABLE in a fight after Meretricious death. In the morning, they both awoke after hearing a bird’s whistle, at first Juliet tried to deceive Romeo by telling him that t it’s not morning yet, saying that the bird ‘Was the nightingale, and not the lark,” .

From this line it shows that Juliet isn’t want Romeo to leave her, even after Romeo have killed TABLE for revere Eng, it also shows the loyalty of Juliet for staying with Romeo even though he has killed her own cousin. Later she says “Believe me, love, it was the nightingale”, this shows that she desperately wants Romeo to stay with her because of how she told him twice that it was only the nightingale e and to believe that she’s telling the truth.

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