The Various Strategies a Teacher Can Use to Motivate Students to Read

Teachers have been challenged to motivate students to read in their classrooms. Teachers have some students that love to read, but other students find reading as busy work which is not fun. The majority of students don’t like to read effective teachers will make strategies to motivate students to read. For example, in the elementary level setting, a successful method a teacher can use is to motivate students by reading a book for a week at home each night. Teachers will ask the parents to sign a reading log for their children and bring the signed sheet to the teacher to verify, after a week, the students will tell the class about their book findings, and analyze what they have read to the rest of the class. This will motivate students to read every day and it will build their self-esteem.

In the high school setting, I think teachers should assign stories, novels, and poems to their students to read depending on the length of the books. After they finish reading, instead of writing an essay, students could have the option to act as one of the characters and talk about their findings, or find a theme in the book and share it in class. Another great idea is that the school organizes a class party. This class party will involve every classroom reading a certain amount of books per month or year. The class that has read the most books will win, and they will have a pizza party which will motivate students to read more. In conclusion, these are the many strategies a teacher can use to motivate students to read. Teachers need to find ways to make reading fun and enjoyable these strategies are not hard to develop in a classroom. This will promote students to read more and develop their reading skills at a higher standard at the same time, students will learn new vocabulary.

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