Student information system (kiosk)

As with other global institutions attempting to succeed in today’s digital age ABE is contain joyously working and investing in state of the art facilities in developing comprehensive curricula and create a niche in the market as one of the adders not only in the business management but hotel and restaurant management as well as tourism courses. ABE was established in 1 999 in response to the growing demands for a world- class yet affordTABLE business education experience in the Philippines, Sais’s first and largest information technology-based educational institution.

It is a vital part of the AMA Education System by Dry. Amble R. Caligula V, who named it after the initials of his father’s name, Amble Mendoza Caligula, Sir. Dry. Caligula saw the demand for fully trained computer professionals in the country. The ABE International Business College aims to produce not only leaders in the business world, but also techno entrepreneur professionals. These individuals are taught and trained to be responsive to the needs of the global community and to be strategic thinkers.

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The school also has a progressive curricula recognized by institutions and organ actions worldwide. Our idea comes to the mapping system of SMS annex. First we don’t propose this idea because of lack of knowledge in Visual Studio but we need to learn and we need to pass this subject. The graphical interface of our system is very lour like windows 8. The primary goal of this system is to easily know the schedule of the students and to fast access of their profile and school information.

By providing the student information system(kiosk), it will open a new and easier management for entering information of the student along with its record that is very essential for the school record. Problem Statement A student of ABE International Business College has a problem on knowing the: classroom schedule student information grades location Of room staff schedule of exam information of school adman info. Manually system of student information caused a lot of inaccuracy and efficiency in processing the record and data of the students.

Too much time and effort are consumed and cannot give on time. 1. 2 System Overview The student information system made in Visual Studio 2008 using kiosk devices, the former kiosk devices are use in keyboard but nowadays because of modern technology we used this device touch screen using kiosks. It has a windows 8 style interface. Student information system has 9 buttons; log-in, About ABE, organization, rooms, schedule of exam, staff, admission, courses ND adman. We will create a student password for each student to access our system.

Only the administrator can add, edit, update, remove their information save in the system and the administrator are Christian Allan Attaching , Reinterpretation Mark Erick Mortal, and James Paolo Francisco. 1. 3 Objectives of the Study This study is created to help the student of ABE international business college Of Cloacae to see the student information and to know what their next subject, time, room, grades and professor and other information of school like courses, organization, room schedule, staff including faculty and accounting, about ABE Cloacae and the creator or administrator and also animated map of ABE Cloacae. 3. 1 General Objectives The objective of this project entitled “ABE International Business College Student Information System (kiosk)” is to lessen time of the student to find their room, schedule and professor, and also handling schedule of examinations, assessment forms, personal information such as birthrate, address, name of parents and contacts. This system made in Visual Studio 2008. 1. 3.

Specific Objectives Time – to create a system that will save the time of the student of ABE College Usability ? to create a new and easier management for entering information of the student along with its record that is very essential for the school record. Reliability – to create a reliTABLE system that will help the student to know their schedule. User-friendly – to create a system that students will easy to use the system. Security – to create a system where the students has a password to access their profile. 1. 4 Scope and Limitation The following are the scope of the proposed system:

User Interface Log-in this button will allow the students access their profile Schedule of exam where the students can see the time, room and date of the upcoming exam. Rooms where the students can see the schedule of room. About ABE where the students can see the history of ABE College. Staff name of all staff can be display here. Admission where the students can see the accreditation and requirements of ABE College. Courses where the students and visitors can see the course offered in ABE College. Organization information of all organization can be display here.

Administrator information Of the adman can display here. The following are the limitations of the proposed system: Only the adman can add, edit and delete the information of the students Students contact and address is optional to mention in the system 1. 5 Significance of the Study This proposed “ABE International Business College Cloacae Student Information System (kiosk)” will provide a high technology way of viewing student’s data. Technological Significance The technological significance of the proposed study is to experienced advanced technology.

This system vary in size, scope and capability, from cakes that are implemented in relatively small organizations to cover student records alone, to enterprise-wide solutions that aim to cover most aspects of running large multi-campus organizations with significant local responsibility. Many systems can be scaled to different levels of functionality by purchasing add-on “modules” and can typically be configured by their home institutions to meet local needs. Educational Significance The educational significance of the study serves as a reference to the future researcher that has the same goal in developing a system.

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