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At the present, technologies greatly changed our way of life. With technology, improvements, people are always looking for fast and easy way to match it with their fast step. Majority of people use computers for business, entertainment, and education. Teaching and learning has remained the primary activities in schools and universities. However, there are other important activities going on in such institutions like managing the student’s data and other managerial activities. In many countries, activities like these are handled through computerizing.

However, that is still far from the case n our country where most institutions are still using manual method. Bailing University is one of those institutions that still using manual method of managing student’s data which is time consuming, demanding and are often prone to error. One example of the problem that may arise in manual method is during the distribution of class cards after the semester has ended. This traditional way causes hassle and inconvenience not only for the students but also to the professors and personnel. And it consumes a lot of time.

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Professors were also hassle by the students who go to the faculty room o inquire about their grades. The faculty had a hard time accommodating a large number of their students, resulting to long queue of students waiting for their turn to get their grades. The process of distribution of cards can be considered a problem itself. The students have to go back and forth in different department and offices to complete their class cards for the semester which is required for enrollment for the following semester. The solution to these shortcomings lies in efficient management of information system.

A student information system is a software application for education establishment to manage student data. This system may range from small scale to cover student’s records alone to enterprise-wide solutions. Most student information systems in use today are saver based or web- based. In this proposed system, we hope to develop a student information system kiosk that will enhance or replace the traditional method and minimize all the manual works and paper works that will allow not only the students but the professors as well for ease and convenience, and efficiency in dealing with students.

A kiosk will be placed in an open but secured area to deliver services. Information such grades and student’s personal data will be contained within the kiosk which can be updated by the assigned administrator in a secured location such as the Dean’s Office or faculty room. Statement of the Problem With so many students each professor handles per class, and with so many classes he/she handle every semester, grades distribution at the end of the semester pose big problem to all professor. Much so the management of students’ profile and records on the part on the office/college concerned.

This study conceptualized to solve such concerns hence; the study aims to address he following problems: What type of device would provide students an easier way to access for their personal profile, subject load and grading record? What are the components and features of the proposed kiosk? What is the feasible design of device in relation to: cost, materials availability, and functions? Objective of the Study In particular, the goals of the study are the following: TO build a kiosk that will provide students an easy access to their personal profile, subject load and grading report.

And for professors to automatically import the grades of students from the Dean’s office thereby eliminating the rotational practice of class cards distribution at the end of every semester. To construct a kiosk that uses fingerprint scanner to view the student’s personal profile, subject load and grading report. To determine the cost of the system, materials and the function that would justify its construction. Conceptual Framework Figure 1 . Conceptual frameworks for the student information and grading system kiosk using fingerprint scanner Figure 1 . Presents the theoretical basis of the Student Information and Grading System Kiosk using Fingerprint Scanner which forms the procedures for the development of the system. The input composed of finger print, because the finger print used as password for the account and the database from the computer. The process, includes the developing the system and prototype, the output consist of student information, subject load and grading report of the students. Computer Kiosk. It is an apparatus that houses a computer terminal that often employs custom kiosk software design to function while preventing users from accessing system function.

Fingerprint. It is an impression of the friction ridges of all or any part of the finger. A friction ridge is a raised portion of the epidermis on the palmary palm and fingers) or plantar (sole and toes) skin, consisting of one or more connected ridge units of friction ridge skin. (https://en. Wakefield. Org/wick/ fingerprint) Fingerprint Scanner. It is based on COSMOS sensor technology and precise optical system that allow capturing high quality fingerprint images almost without distortions. Information System. IS) is the study of complementary networks of hardware and software that peoples and organizations use to collect, filter, and process, create, and distribute data. Student Information System. (SIS) is a software application for education establishment to manage student data. Administrator. It refers to the one who is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliTABLE operation of computer system. Scope and Delimitation A student can only view his/her personal profile, subject load and grading report for the previous semesters. No data can be change or edited, nor he/ she could access other student records.

The kiosk is intended to be used only to the College of Environmental Design and Engineering in Bailing University. When no user is logged in, the kiosk will only shows pertinent information about the CEDE department. The students need to register during enrollment period for his record to be included in the database to be accessible. The recorded fingerprint of the student will be used as password. Once the grades have been published by the professor or the authority from the CEDE office, they can never be changed except by the administrator of the system.

The grades in the kiosk are for viewing only, the official grading report will still be the concern of the Registrars Office of the from Bailing University. The proposed kiosk is not networked. Significance of the Study This paper hopes to make the following contributions: The proposed system will be beneficial to the faculty in a way that it would make the class card distribution easier if not, abolished. This research study can be the basis of future innovations on kiosk development and application.

It will provide convenience to students to view their student’s personal profile, subject load for the semester and previous grading reports. To the CEDE, this devices will simplify works with accuracy and efficiency. The following literature and studies has relevance to the current study, and serve as a frame of reference in the development of the system. Review of Related Literature The discussions contain quotations from published materials for providing additional information on the significance of the proposed system in order to achieve its purpose.

According to Trip Adler, enrollment is the process of entering and verifying data of students to register on a particular school. Different interrelated processes build up enrollment procedures called Enrollment System (SE). SE are used particularly in recording and retrieving student information. Tracking student information is also one feature of SE, in which the school can trace the standing of a student. Adler, 2011 ) Trip Adler says enrollment is a process of entering and verifying data of students to register on a particular school.

From different interrelated processes will build up enrollment procedures. According to Matthew Townsmen, “The implementation of the successful enrollment management program requires cooperation, coordination and teamwork among various campus constituencies. ” (Trip Adler, 2011) The project is related in this study because both can track the information Of the student and the enrollment system. In the paper “Information System” which has prepared by Jasper Oddball Heed, he centers on analyzing, designing and implementing an information kiosk. The information kiosk is meant to be a tool for sharing information.

The goal of the project is to create an alternative to the reception desk which could lessen the workload of the receptionist. It is a server- based application. Terminal screens are put up around, and in this terminal will be where the users access the information they needed. The system is TABLE to integrate several data source as well as allows the employees to provide information. This study is related to our project because it is based on information kiosk. In our case, our kiosk is meant to be a tool for viewing student information system such grades, subject load and student profile.

Also, instead of being server- based, our system aims to be standalone. In “Stand -Alone Interactive Kiosk using Barded Reader” (by Cantata, 2014) the authors focused on creating a student information system that would help the students to keep track of their academic process, grades and student data. The project composed of the computer terminal, barded reader and barded which are used as password and surname. When an ID embedded with the barded is scanned through the barded reader, the system display he students information.

Students can only view their profile, curriculum, grading report, announcement and vicinity map. The administration of the system is the only one who can change or edit the data within the system. The program used is encoded in Visual Basic 6. 0. This study is related to our project because both used Visual Basic 6. 0 for encoding the program of the system. And both focused on student information and grading reports. And in “Online Student Information System of FL Barras College Autograph City” (2010) who ICC was conducted by Anthony Perez, he focuses on web-based detent information systems.

The study extended the viewing of the information of the student to those who are related to them. The access is not only in the school premises but anywhere there is internet connection. The study can be used by the academic deans, teachers and adviser who have to update the information of the students in terms of subjects, grades and performance. This study related to our project because both focused on student information system. In our case, instead of web-based we used offline student information where students will not need any internet connection to access their data.

The development of data-gathering instruments that are used in collecting all the necessary information in the study, and the analytical tools used In developing the system software product evaluation was presented in the precede Eng sections. Method of Research Used A different method of information or data gathering plays a vital role in conducting a research. Discussed below is the research method used by the research group in conducting the study. Literature Review Method. This method helped the researchers to know and apply the appropriate knowledge for the proposed system design development.

In this method, books, articles and different multimedia materials of related subject were utilized to gather useful data for the study. Surfing the internet for fast access of relevant information and to look for applicTABLE devices that the proponent can be used was resorted to also by the researchers. Document Analysis. Document like student information sheet, evaluation form and other student related form were analyzed to identify common data necessary in the formulation of the proposed system. This helped the proponents to design the student information system interface that the user an easily become familiarized with.

Interview. People who are directly involved in the operation of a student information system namely students; instructor and parent/guardian were the respondents for this study. This helped the proponents to design the system that will suit the users need for updated information. Observation. The proponent observed the students, professors and school personnel in the process of preparing student records using the current system and procedure. This helped the proponents to design a System that is more organized and flexible that will make the student record processing aster.

Operating Procedure The following are the steps in operating the KIOSK: Set the device in suiTABLE place where the user can view their records. By keying his user’s name and password, the administrator from the College of Environmental Design and Engineering office registers all the official enrolled students of the CEDE in the current semester together with their personal and school related information. The administrator uses the designated student number of the enrolled student in the registration form. The administrator then supplies all the required information in the kiosk.

Students can access and view their record using a fingerprint. Once the scanner detects the fingerprint, the kiosk automatically displays the students current record. The administrator can update the existing information of a student through the use of the designated student number to gain access to specific student’s information. The administrator can now make an update to the student information sheet. The administrator should save all the changes and updates he/she made in the student’s information sheet before the students can view the updated information of their record.

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