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The Man Who Loved Flowers

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  • Pages 2
  • Words 480
  • Views 499
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    As the title indicates the text’s main character is a man and he likes to buy flowers at the flower stands along 3rd Avenue. He is dressed nicely by wearing a grey suit. Furthermore, he has blue eyes and dark hair. Although it is not stated directly in the text he lives in New York City. The main character is a nice young man and it IS exemplified with his conversation and behavior towards the flower vendor and an old woman. A good example is on page 1 78 line 1 1-12 where he talks with the flower vendor and appears as friendly. “I’m goanna tell you what I think. Hey! Advice is still free, Isn’t it? ‘ The young man smiled and said. “l guess it’s the only thing left that is. ” ” From tooth the old lady and the flower vendor the impression of him is that he is just a normal young man who is in love with a woman as likes to surprise with small gifts despite his lack of economic resources. The setting is described with many details and the reader has the feeling of being there by him or herself.

    First of all the description of the atmosphere is thorough and the reader has the feeling it is all about love. It is essential for the understanding of the text to know what breaks the atmosphere though. The important part here is the radio news where it is said on line 6-7 on page 1 76 that a hammer ruddier is still on the loose. Because of that we know that the main character is a serial killer and he is not that lovely, nice man as the first impression was. He kills the woman as he bought the flowers for with a hammer.

    And because of the information we got with the radio news it is not the first time he kills a woman. It is possible to see the fact that he is a serial killer on page 180 line 2-3 as well. ” “They’re for you, Norma”… It was always for you… All for you. ” Norma is a woman who passed away ten years ago but the main character is still in love with her. This loss of Norma builds up anger ND depression in him and it makes him kill other young women. “His name was Love, and he walked these dark streets because Norma was waiting for him.

    And he would find her. Some day soon. ” This quote from the last page tells how the main character is eager to find his love, Norma, but she is dead. Altogether, this text symbolizes how one person’s eagerness to get something can have negative consequences. In this case the main character kills other women because of his Los of his love. Love does not always turn out in a good way and that is the message of this story.

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