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The text is about a young man who likes to buy flowers for his love interest on 3rd Avenue in New York City. He is described as a friendly and normal young man, but it is revealed through radio news that he is actually a serial killer who kills women with a hammer. The man is still in love with a woman named Norma who passed away ten years ago, and this loss causes him to become angry and depressed, leading him to kill other women. The message of the story is that love can have negative consequences.

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The text centers around a man who has a fondness for purchasing flowers from the flower stalls situated along 3rd Avenue in New York City. He is portrayed as someone donning a grey suit, possessing blue eyes and dark hair. The man’s character is depicted as kind, evident through his interactions with both the flower vendor and an elderly woman. On page 178, lines 11-12, he engages in a genial conversation with the flower vendor to showcase his amiable nature. “I’m goanna tell you what I think. Hey! Advice is still free, Isn’t it? ‘ The young man smiled and said. “l guess it’s the only thing left that is.” Both the elderly lady and the flower vendor perceive him as a typical young gentleman involved romantically with a woman and enjoying surprising her with small tokens of affection despite limited financial means. The descriptive depictions of the setting effectively transport readers into the scene.

The initial portrayal of the atmosphere in the text conveys a strong sense of love. However, it is vital for comprehension to identify what disrupts this atmosphere. The crucial moment occurs on line 6-7 on page 176, when the radio news reports that a hammer ruddier is still at large. This revelation reveals that the protagonist is actually a serial killer, contradicting their initially amiable demeanor. The woman who received the flowers from him becomes his victim, as he uses a hammer to take her life.

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According to the radio news, this man has killed multiple women before, as stated on page 180 lines 2-3. The quote, “They’re for you, Norma… It was always for you… All for you,” reaffirms his dedication to a woman named Norma who passed away ten years ago. Despite her death, the protagonist remains in love with her. However, this loss of Norma fills him with anger and depression, leading him to murder other young women. He continues to wander these dark streets because he believes Norma is anticipating his presence, and his name is Love.

The final page quote, “And he would find her. Some day soon,” represents the protagonist’s strong desire to locate his deceased love, Norma. This passage overall conveys the detrimental outcomes that can arise from an individual’s intense yearning for something. In this particular scenario, the protagonist resorts to taking the lives of other women due to his overwhelming grief for Norma. The story’s underlying message is that love does not always result in a positive outcome.

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