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One Day In Life – The Visitor

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It all happened on a bright Saturday morning during school holidays. Besides my father and mother, there was my sister named Sara. It was a special day for my sister because today was her seventh birthday. She was very excited and impatient to have her gifts. My parent’s decided to celebrate her birthday among ourselves. On this auspicious occasion, my mother prepared a succulent meal and a birthday cake which was well-decorated with sweet and fluffy whipping cream. After a while, we prepared the table to serve lunch.

As we were about to start, we heard the door bell ring. I got up to find who it was.

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One Day In Life – The Visitor
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To my great surprise, I saw CB officers in front of me. They were among 5 officers. I was extremely scared and shocked. I called my father immediately and he came asking me what happened. The CB officers told my father that they got a warrant under my father’s name. They said that they were going to make a raid around and in the house.

My father was not afraid as he knew that he did not commit any crime or illegal work. He told the officers to go ahead and do what they came for. My mother was really afraid and she started to cry. My father tried to pacify her. The CB officers started their work.

At first , they went into my parent’s’ bedroom and made a real mess of the room. Then, they went into mine, opened the cupboards, my wardrobes and searching in each of them, without leaving a single piece of the house and in the end of their raid, they were disappointed and apologized for the mess. After their departure, we sat down around the dining table and were thing how we are going to clear up all these. Suddenly, I got an idea and told my parent’s to muster courage so that we are able to tidy the whole house. Although we were tired cleaning up the house, we celebrated my sister’s birthday and took out some photos.

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