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Evanescence: the Birth of a Rock Band

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  • Pages 4
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    Evanescence: The Birth of a Rock Band. Subject: English Teacher: Mr. Bohlman Due Date: 18/3/13 Created by: Joseph Huynh Imagine yourself in a rock band, you are dressed in black, you have black eye-lining and your band members surround you. The curtains open and bright lights begin to shine upon you. Thousands and thousands of fans cheer for you. The show… begins. This is probably the moment that Evanescence had when they first came on stage. In this paper, I will tell you about Evanescence’s history. The band first started off with two people; Amy Lee and Ben Moody. “The group was founded by Lee and former lead guitarist Ben Moody.

    The two met at a youth camp in Arkansas, where Moody heard Lee playing “(I’d Do) Anything For Love” by Meat Loaf on the piano. They discovered they shared a love of Jimi Hendrix and Bjork, and they began to write songs together. ”’ (http://evanescenceweb. yaia. com 11/3/13) They didn’t find any musicians to play with them, neither could they afford any professional assistant. Although no one knew that they would find fame via write songs, the two were stumped in publicity, but they were heading in the right track in writing music. They wrote many pieces of music such as “My Immortal”, “Give unto Me” and “Solitude”.

    But somehow, two of their songs, “Understanding” and “Give unto Me”, got on the music charts. People kept asking who they were and the two decided to name the band “Evanescence”, which means, “the act or state of vanishing. ” Evanescence became more famous and people demanded live shows. “The band eventually appeared live, and became one of the most popular acts in the area. ” (http://www. lyricsfreak. com 12/3/13). They made a full length demo CD in 2000 named Origin, which was relatively unknown; they also made two EPs, which limited from fifty to one hundred copies. Record companies only made 2,500 copies of Origin.

    As soon as Amy and Ben heard this, they encouraged fans to download their older songs from online. They had many great tour experiences. In 2002, they went on their first tour named “Fallen. ” Evanescence went from country to country, performing and meeting their fans. The two were accompanied by three of their friends/musicians, John LeCompt, Rocky Gray and Will Boyd. The band had fun during the tour, but in the middle of their European tour, Ben Moody left the band on October 22nd, 2003. As soon as they got home, people demanded to interview Amy Lee on her reaction of the betrayal. Several months later, an interview was held.

    Amy Lee said, “We’d gotten to a point that if something didn’t change, we wouldn’t have been able to make a second record. ’ (http://www. free-scores. com 14/3/13) Amy Lee was glad he left, because tensions were created amongst the band. Moody was replaced by Terry Balsamo from the band, Cold. Evanescence’s songs became more and more popular over time. “Bring Me to Life” topped #5 on the American song charts and #1 on the United Kingdom song charts of 2003. It stayed there for a whole month. The song also featured in many items, such as the official theme song of WWE No Way Out 2003 and the movie, Daredevil.

    Another song that shared popularity with “Bring me to Life” was “My Immortal,” which peaked #7 on the United States and United Kingdom music charts. It also featured in the movie, Daredevil. In 2004, something spectacular happened to the band. “Bring Me to Life” garnered recognition for the band at the 46th Grammy Awards in 2004, where they won the Best Hard Rock Performance and Best New Artist awards and were nominated for two others. ” (http://www. 8notes. com 16/3/13) Evanescence was featured on the TV show, Anywhere but Home in 2004. The episode was such a hit, people made it into a DVD/CD in 2005.

    It featured many things, like behind the scenes from their concert in Le Zenith, Paris, autograph signings and Evanescence warming up for their concerts. The DVD also featured songs, entitled “Missing” (which topped #1 in Spain) “Breathe no More”, “Farther Away”, and “Thoughtless”. Evanescence continued to play around the world, but had many obstacles. Band members had side projects, for example, Terry Balsamo’s stroke. They also suffered a loss of their former manager. But, Evanescence still continued to top music charts and made it to the iTunes most downloaded charts.

    Evanescence also shot a music video for “Call Me When You’re Sober” in 2006. Later in the year, they started a worldwide tour named “The Open Door”. They performed in many places such as Japan, Canada, Brazil and Australia. They ended their tour on June 26th, 2007 in Ra’anana, Israel. “On May 4, 2007, John LeCompt announced that he had been fired from Evanescence, and also stated that drummer Rocky Gray had decided to quit. ” (http://www. scribd. com 16/3/13) The two were replaced by Dark New Day band members, drummer Will Hunt and guitarist Troy McLawhorn.

    Their actions became unknown after that. This concludes my paper about Evanescence. I hope you have learned a lot about Evanescence. Evanescence is a great band and I would highly recommend listening to their music! Work Cited http://evanescenceweb. yaia. com/biography. html 11/3/13 http://www. lyricsfreak. com/e/evanescence/biography. html 12/3/13 http://www. free-scores. com/boutique/history_542_biography_Evanescence. htm 14/3/13 http://www. scribd. com/doc/3229274/History-of-Evanescence 16/3/13 http://www. 8notes. com/biographies/evanescence. asp 16/3/13

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