Experiences And Growth That I Have Gone Through

Here’s myself from a positive and negative view from a positive point I am a very social person. My socialism affords me the characteristics of being self-advocated, optimistic and independent. In a negative perspective, I tend to hold myself back from the things that I want for the sake of others to achieve. This reflects on my softheartedness and empathy for my peers l believe that my softheartedness comes from my mother she raised me to make a converse situation into a good situation. My kind-hearted trait perfected my ability to change my perspective thinking for others’ train of thought or opinion I do this to keep their interests in cohesion with mine or vice versa. It‘s my way of choosing my battles in accordance with my opinion of their worth I try to get along with everyone and use these different people to perfect my social perspectives I think this contributes to my lack of motivation and drive to reprimand.

I usually will add light to situations by laughing and or listening to music I enjoy music from producers like Drake, J. Cole, and others I sometimes like to pretend like I’m one of my favorite artists and rap in the mirror I also like to dance, sometimes even alone if I can get the music really loud. I’m also interested in learning and doing hands-on activities in the environment. I also enjoy playing sports I play Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling, and Lacrosse, and once I even tried Cross-Country I use my communication skills to connect with people. This allows me to interact and stand out from others effectively I was born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut my parents both met in Connecticut but my father is originally from Georgia I was raised by my mother and father.

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The two had different perspectives with my raising my mother always told me to read books, have good manners, and make a negative into a positive. She often spoke about religion and education. My father on the other hand, raised me by example I watched his actions and how he handled situations and inherited some of his ways. My father has a passion for landscaping and florist work from my remembrance he worked in the yard all day since I was a young child, he was planting, gardening, cutting grass or being creative with the yard. He would consistently try to get me to go outside to do work in the garden, as a child, I had no interest in gardening and I wasn‘t out-door equipped. My father would dig holes in the ground to install his crops once in a while he would pull out a lot of worms and little newts became interested in the little creatures but I was always afraid to touch them.

It wasn’t until high school was I able to study organisms like worms and newts. Growing up I‘ve had been in public school from K-B’s” grade for high school I went into a boarding school called The Marvelwood School. Upon entering the school the characteristics to help me survive were undeveloped I was unsophisticated, and dependent, and from being home for most of my life it was a pretty rough adjustment. This experience taught me independence I had to face being alone and solving my own problems for the first time I eventually adjusted to not having that extra voice or push to excel. I hardly rely on my family or friends for moral support anymore. From my experiences and growth, I went through I learned to be more optimistic. Taking a step back, correcting flaws, and being able to accept some of the things that I didn’t like about myself helped me to accept who I am.

The growth and adversity I went through taught me to change myself physically and mentally. Like the routine of waking myself up on time, getting my work done, respecting others, and becoming a role model for students. By physically, I mean growing up and playing competitive sports when I never played sports a day in my life before high school. These were all challenges I had to face to become who I am today today, I am a person who doesn’t let much drive them crazy. I tend to let things roll off my shoulder, I am a person who doesn’t like to worry about the things I want. I try to preach to myself “if it happens it happens” that way if anything, in particular, doesn’t happen I can blame it on how things are supposed to work out and not myself. I have been exposed to so many people from across the world, which helped my social perspectives this adds on to my personality and helps me to be as versatile as possible.

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