Explain the Key Influences on the Personal Learning Process of Individuals Essay

Explain the key influences on the personal learning process of individuals In this assignment I am going to be talking about key influences on individual’s personal learning. Influences on learning •health •motivation •Learning style •IT skills •Access to study centre •Specific learning needs •Attitude and self discipline • Lifestyle Care responsibilities •Study space employment There are many different types of key influences on an individual’s learning processes and each of these all have an effect whether positive or negative on the individuals learning processes and abilities.

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Explain the Key Influences on the Personal Learning Process of Individuals
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I will now state these influences and explain the possible affect these particular influences will have on the individual’s personal learning. Learning is the achievement and development of memories and behaviours, skills, knowledge, understanding and values. The first influence is called formal and informal learning. Informal learning is personal. The individual is responsible for gaining knowledge.

Informal learning is forced by some else usually through a formal training programme for example a class taught by a teacher.

Informal learning is where the individual intentionally gets the information for themselves via such as textbooks, the internet, media, etc. Formal learning is impersonal. According to (qualityresearchinternational. com) formal learning is planned learning that derives from activities within a structured learning setting. This structured learning setting according to (agelesslearner. om) includes the hierarchically structured school system that runs from primary school through the university and organized school-like programs created in business for technical and professional training. Informal learning is a term used in describing the learning processes that occur out of the hierarchally structured learning system such as college. Generally this is not structured learning as it would be within a class it is more of a process of learning. According to (nald. ca) it occurs in everyday life and may not even be recognized as learning by the individual.

Below is a diagram showing there are four types of learning according to (agelesslearner. com) … [pic] As I have already mentioned above formal learning occurs within a hierarchally structured system such as college. Informal learning occurs outside of the structured learning processes. Intentional learning is a process of whereby the learner intentionally aims to learn knowledge and in doing so produces actions as to whereby gain the knowledge and unexpected learning is whereby the learner gains

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