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The word family is often looked as a relationship between biological parents and their children. It typically consists of a mother, a father, and one or more kids. But in this day and age, things are changing and the word family now has many variations.

Families now can consist of single parents, same-sex parents, and step-parents as well. There is no longer such a thing as a standard family, but the purpose of a family should remain consistent with time. A family is an incredible asset in one s life.It is only made possible by healthy and stable relationships between its members, whether there are as little as two members or as many as two hundred.

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When planning or starting a family, it is important that the parent figure is aware of their responsibilities. The most important thing for a family to be successful is that people involved love each other and have a genuine concern for making the family work. If a family can act as a support team for each other, it has the potential to bring much happiness into one s life.A family does not have to be bound together by a blood relation.

There are many incredible families made up of foster parents, adopted siblings, or even just siblings (hence the popular TV show Party of 5). The only thing that is necessary to bind a family together is love, and the ability to express it accordingly. Anyone can love another person, and when they continually act on it, then it becomes a family. A group at a sleepaway camp could rightly call themselves a family.

Strong friendships and consistent interaction places them in a family environment.However, it cannot be considered a family if those involved do not treat each other with respect and care about each others feelings. Another example of this is a team. Often in sports or academic teams, the group becomes a family because of their interdependence and their willingness to help each other out.

But, a family can not become a family overnight. There must be a reoccurring establishment with each individual s role and participation. In any family, each member has a different role with different responsibilities.It is not as easy as simply having children or owning a home.

It takes more to be a family than to just be parents and children. Parents must create an environment where the child feels safe and welcome. The children must feel comfortable with the members of the family and be able to express themselves and grow freely. Parents have the responsibility to make sure their children is growing up in the correct way.

This is done by teaching them proper manners and morals, helping them build relationships, and seeing that they get an education.Most importantly, parents must shower their children with love. Often, parents can bring children into this world but can not offer them commitment or love. This type of relationship is not one of a healthy and stable family.

A family should supply its members with people they can come to when they are having problems and who they can come to when they are in need of support. Families give you strength, love and guidance. A family picks you up when you have fallen, and sets you back on your feet.They are people who will be there for you no matter how many friends, or boyfriends, ou go through.

They are consistent people in your life who can offer you the greatest gift one can receive, unconditional love. It is not uncommon for members of a family to argue or fight. When people hold such close relationships, people are bound to disagree or sometimes irritate each other. This is completely normal in a family as long as trustfulness and moderation is held to an extent.

When people genuinely love each other and know each other well, you can use proper judgment on what you say to them and how they will react.As with all relationships, they can collapse. Sometimes marriages end in divorce, children run away from home, families can be broken. But, a true family can always hold strong no matter how far or how long.

Moreover, individuals may have more than one family they belong to, without replacing or even overlapping any of them. For example, parents who get divorced can often remarry and develop new families. The child who comes from the first marriage will then have her mother and her stepfather, and whatever children come from them, and likewise for the father.Sometimes, this can lead to a lot of confusion for a child, but if the parents give attention to the child and the child receives love from both families, this situation can work out sufficiently.

It is possible for the child to have two support systems, and this can even be beneficial to the growth and maturity of the child. Another example is when people who enter into a marriage, they gain a new family as well. Members of the spouse s family can become active members in one s life.The more people who care for a person and the more people who you bring into your family, can bring into your life more people to look to as role models and more people who can influence your life greatly.

When you are feeling down, your family is always a place to look to for a boost. Families are always there to help you keep confidence and convince you of your worthiness. It is important to treasure the time you have with your family because the relationships formed are precious and irreplaceable. No one will ever have love for you like a mother or a father.

It is important that you do not selfishly throw away these relationships over a silly or petty fight. Often families are torn apart because members are too proud to admit their mistakes or apologize. Since everyone involved are human beings, and each human being is different, it is natural for people to disagree. A family is a luxury one can not afford to waste.

Furthermore, do not do things to hurt members of your family. Like the well-known quotation, blood is thicker than water. Your family will never turn their back on you. The word family comes from the Latin term familia.

The term familia consisted of the members and kin of the household as well as their servants. These households are not considered families in present-day America due to their lack of loving relationships. In the past, families were used as convenience and consisted of people who worked for each other. The key to a family, as least in my definition, consists of love.

Likewise, all religions emphasize the importance of a strong, loving family and ways to prevent mishaps. In the Catholic religion, the Ten Commandments focus on honoring one s mother and father.This constitutes respect, the first step in the building of a family. A family does not necessarily have to be a stereotypical household in which the mother stays at home and does the chores, the father works and supports the family financially, the children go to school, and they live happily ever after.

Many people are less fortunate and can not have this typical lifestyle. Others see the times as changing and their families have changed as well. It is no longer uncommon to see the mother go to work and support the family, while the husband takes care of the chores.Sometimes it is even the children who take care of their parents.

Each family is different, because in each family, the members involved are different, and each family tries to manage the best way that works for them personally. In conclusion, there are many different aspects to look for in the word family. Its main purpose is to construct a bond among people. This bond must be based on love, trust, and commitment to each person involved.

As the family system can remain based on morals and values, families can contribute largely to the strengthening of our society.

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