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Fantasy Or Reality

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Fantasy or Reality?Society has branded fantacy gaming as evil and possably satanic. There is no linkwhat so ever in between the two things. Role playing games are not evil. There are a fewthings that make it dangerous in the hands of stupid people.

This fall at the Iowa State Fair Grounds there was a rennisaunce fair held. Peoplefrom all over the state came and dressed up in costumes of olden days. People broughttheir children and looked around. There wer perfume shops and weapons shops along withfood and drink shops.

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Fantasy Or Reality
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People haggled with shop keepers and through the day there werplays and other things all the wile people pretending to be back then. People spoke in abrouge accent and carried swords around in the street. the fair was a friendly place and noone was hurt. These are the kinds of pretending that make role playing fun.

A role playing game is where you pretend to be someone your not. If compared toannything it would be compared to an impromptue play.

However role playing is nottypically acted out. Role playing games that you buy in stores such as Star Wars, Vampireand Dungeons and Dragons are all games that people play from pieces of paper. Someoneassumes the role of one of the charictors on the paper and trys to talk and declare what it ishis charictor would be doing in certain situations. In most of these game people are theheroes of the world they play in saving people for hidious monsters and slaying dragonsand vanquishing evil. Some people prefer to play evil charictors. This is alright and therechoice and most of the time other players kill them. (not in real life).

There have been times in the past when people have gotten drunk and killed othersimitatiing the game that they play, but this does not make the game evil. Annything in thisworld is potentialy harmful. If people do not exercise good judgemant and controll thenthey are at fault.

Some good things that have been done with role playing games in the past andcintinue to happen to this day. Psycologists use role playing games on depressed peopleand it typically turns out well. The game puts the player into a whole new world withmonsters and evil to vanquish. In group therapy it brings people together and makes themwork with eachother and make a strong bond of friendship tword eachother. All in all role playing games can be dangerous evan deadly but they can also be funand helpful. Most drugs in the doctors office can kill people if they have to much and roleplaying games kill people who are careless in a diffrent respect.

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