Fantasy Theme Analysis of Commercial

“It’s Not About the Shoes” The Jordan Brand efforts to pass on to its audience that to go legendary they need to understand that it is non about the places. but what it is you do in them. They do this by demoing a figure of star jocks executing when they were in college and high school to the narrator’s ( Michael Jordan ) words. This paper hypothesizes how it is the Jordan Brand efforts to convey their audience to the shared rhetorical vision of going legendary. through phantasy subjects in their ad “It’s Not About the Shoes” .

The Fantasy Theme Criticism To understand this paper’s statement on how it is the Jordan Brand efforts to utilize fantasy subjects in their ad. we must foremost understand what precisely the Fantasy Theme Criticism is. It was created by Ernest G. Bormann. and was designed to supply penetrations into the shared worldview of a group of rhetors. It is derived from the Symbolic Convergence Theory. and can be applied to different types of rhetoric including the sort ( s ) used on little groups. societal motions. political runs. and organisational communicating.

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The unfavorable judgment relies on two premises. One. that rhetoric creates world. and two. that convergence occurs. With respects to rhetoric making world we are to presume that the symbolic signifiers that are created from the rhetoric are non imitations but variety meats of world. This is because it is through their bureau that anything becomes existent. We assume to that convergence occurs because symbols non merely create world for persons but that individual’s significances can unite to make a shared world for participants.

The shared world so provides a footing for the community of participants to discourse their common experiences and to accomplish a common apprehension. The effect of this is that the persons develop the same attitudes and emotions to the character of the play. Within this unfavorable judgment the audience is seen as the most critical portion because the sharing of the message is seen as being so important. The basic unit of this analysis is looking at the different phantasy subjects within the rhetoric being analyzed.

Fantasy subjects tell a narrative that accounts for the groups experience and that is the world of the participants. The three phantasy subjects that are necessary to make a play are puting. characters. and actions. These fantasy subjects so come together to organize a fantasy type. and rhetorical vision. A fantasy type is a stock rhetorical vision that appears repeatedly in the rhetoric of a group. The existent rhetorical vision is the incorporate seting together of the assorted shared phantasies. or a twirling together of phantasy subjects to supply a believable reading of world.

In the event there is a rhetorical vision. it is suggested that a rhetorical community signifiers that consists of participants in the vision. or members who have shared the phantasy subjects. It is within this community that the ability to understand and move on the motivations for action that the rhetorical vision efforts to pass on reside. Analysis Within this ad. there is a figure of fantasy subjects that the Jordan Brand incorporated that potentially could take their audience to the coveted rhetorical vision they wished to pass on.

This portion of the paper will seek to analyse this ad by first looking at our ads relationship with the audience. and so interrupting the phantasy themes down into the three different sorts that make up this analysis and how they could come together to organize a fantasy type and rhetorical vision. In order for the ad to do sense it must portion a First there is the puting subject ( s ) . Puting subjects depict where it is the action is taking topographic point. In this ad. there are a assortment of different athletic locales depicted in which the physical scene takes topographic point for jocks to go legendary.

For illustration. there is a hoops tribunal ( P3. P8. P15. P20. P21 ) . a pugilism ring ( P12-13 ) . a baseball field ( P5-6 ) . and football field ( P11. P17-18 ) . All of these different physical topographic points are where jocks go to develop and execute to go legendary. We here the storyteller province assorted inspirational lines refering to 1s public presentation such as. “It’s about work before glory” ( L10-11 ) and that it is about “Taking everything you have been given. and doing something better” ( L8-9 ) . This suggests to the audience that pattern and difficult work in whatever athletics

you choose to vie in. are required if you wish to go legendary. The following major puting subject of the ad is within the audience is itself. In the really first scene ( P1 ) all we see ab initio is the places with an unidentified individual sitting in them. The screen so scrolls up to uncover a adult male who it is sitting in a chair deep in idea. This is perchance meant to be symbolic that each and every individual in the audience is that jock in those places. Then in the concluding scene we see a black screen with the words Become Legendary.

These two slides form the scene that each member of the audience is supposed to face. the minute in their head at which they either decide in favour of. or against trying to go legendary. In add-on to this the ad mentions “you” the audience a sum of 8 times. This supports that the ad is seeking to pass on to its audience wherever it is. and since this ad is trying to name to action its audience the scene is within the audiences minds themselves when they are doing their determination. Next there is the characters theme ( s ) .

Character subjects are any individual or object shown prosecuting in human like action. As antecedently stated. the ad mentions “you” a sum of 8 times and makes clear that the audience is the most of import character in this ad. Through the imagination and words. the audience is supposed to either imagine themselves as the jocks depicted. or as themselves in similar scenes on the athletic field. This inclusive scheme of utilizing the linguistic communication and subjects of the ad to associate to the audience helps to construct convergence The jocks who are shown in the ad are besides of import characters.

It is non explicitly stated in the ad who these jocks are. but by watching the ad and sing the concluding scene in which the words Become Legendary ( P22 ) appear. the audience can deduce that whoever these jocks are. they are fables in their several games. They are depicted throughout the ad executing assorted Acts of the Apostless of athletic ability. and through the narrator’s words the audience is supposed to conceive of themselves executing similar Acts of the Apostless as these jocks. Finally. there is the actions subject ( s ) . Action subjects trade with the action of the play.

Within this ad there are legion action subjects. By looking at the visuals of the ad we see jocks running up and down a hoops tribunal ( P3. P20 ) . hitting baseballs ( P5-6 ) . hiting a hoops ( P8 ) . catching touchdowns ( P11. P18 ) . and hitting a punching bag ( P13 ) . Attach toing these visuals we here the narrator’s words and are able to understand the qualities these jocks possess. and how their actions ( which become transparent through the ads ocular and audio show ) have lead them to go legendary.

For illustration. we here the storyteller say for the baseball scene ( P4-6 ) that “It’s about holding the bravery to fail” ( L4-5 ) . The audience is supposed to understand that holding courage/acting brave is of import to hold if one wishes to go legendary. Another illustration is in slides P12-15 in which we go from the visual of a immature pugilist working out. to the image of hoops participant in jubilation and here the words “It’s about work. before glory” ( L10-11 ) .

This scene depicts that the action of working difficult leads to the act of jubilation in triumph. This scene besides lends itself to the thought that the act of working hard is of import to going legendary. These subjects form a phantasy type which is that it is non about the places. We here this exact line stated in P1L1 that “It is non about the shoes” . Throughout the ad we so see assorted video cartridge holders and images that show us. every bit good as hear our storyteller tell us. what it is approximately.

We so hear in L14 that one time once more “It’s non about the shoes” and so in L15-16 that “It’s about what you do in them. it’s about being who you were born to be” . This fantasy type provides the declaration to the original struggle brought approximately in the first scene. The fantasy subjects discussed above all come together to hopefully take the audience to the rhetorical vision to go legendary. which is what the rhetor hoped to pass on. Through the phantasy themes the audience is able to see how it is that they can go legendary

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