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Fast Food Nation Health Effects

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Protecting American’s Health On the other side, people believe government action is not the answer to everything and is the responsibility of the public to regulate itself in order to stay healthy. That one step in regulating the ingredients, the awareness of health risks by consumers, and the type advertising used is believed to be invading the freedom of America.

Some also believe that though fast food is a main cause of obesity, fast food is not the only cause of obesity so therefore our American public should not have to deal with a change by regulation of the government.

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Fast Food Nation Health Effects
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“What has changed is the nation’s way of eating and living”(Schlosser 240). Our public today has control of their own choice when concerning the way they want to eat. If the government were to step in our health issues would hold a different position in our American public today.

With regulation of the ingredients of fast foods our public would be protected by our government.

The ingredients that we should not be consuming in our bodies would be an eliminating factor of fast food and would uphold the safe health conditions. If the government made consumers more aware of how harmful fast food is and what health issues it has caused among Americans, more people would step away from the entire fast food chain. It would allow them to be more alert in what they are eating as well.

The advertising that our government is allowing these companies to use should be regulated. These advertisers are clearly taking advantage of the age of children and using it to promote their products in a way that will not only appeal to the consumers but also work at creating a lifelong customer. All the diseases that our public is developing and the abnormally high obesity rate could all be eliminated with a little help from the government. Just think, with help from the government, the majority of health issues caused by fast foods could be eliminated.

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Fast Food Nation Health Effects. (2018, Feb 23). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/fast-food-nation-health-effects/

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