Fighting Crime with Capital Punishment

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With the passage of time, and increase in modernization, there has been a vast increase in crime. And taking the present setting of the worldly condition under consideration, the only effective way of fighting crime is by capital punishment, as it prevents the revival of delinquency and induces a fear of death within other possible criminals. What, one would ask, is capital punishment? It is the term given to “the penalty of death for the commission of a crime”-(the American heritage dictionary). Therefore, if a person brutally murders innocent people and is pleased to have done so, then nothing but capital punishment should be imposed upon him. A person sets his business rival’s home on fire, killing blameless individuals, committing the crime of arson, yet again; capital punishment is what he deserves. After all, to prevent misdemeanor, punishment must be prompt and definite.

Different aspects of crime

Crime may be of diverse degrees, ranging from simple theft to robbery, child abuse to harassment to rape, treason to arson, drug trafficking and, murder and assassination. More so, there has been a prominent increase in juvenile delinquencies, and in addition, crimes have intensified, becoming more merciless and motiveless. Further more, especially in the more remote areas, or the not so posh areas, due to lack of luxury, and in jealousy, plain and simple non-aggressive people turn into criminals by attempting robbery. Right under the nose of law and order, dangerous criminals in prison have killed jail attendants. Drug traffickers have killed to acquire drugs and successfully transport them illegally. Similarly, drug addicts can go to extreme heights to obtain the drug they are addicted to. These extremities being, killing innocent citizens or tourists for money that will help the addict buy drugs.

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Young and pretty females fall victims to rapists. In the same way, tourists are harassed quite often for the same reason. Kids are kidnapped even from among a large group walking back home from school. These are but a few incidents, whereas, daily at least two similar incident of each kind, and more, takes place in each state. If these crimes are not encountered with their appropriate punishments, then their rates will soar sky high. Hence, public safety will plummet. Much of the criminal violence in society is committed by an extremely small group of persistent, aggressive offenders — cynical criminals who commit numerous brutal crimes whenever they are out on the streets. They begin committing crimes as juveniles, and they continue committing crimes, long after they enter adulthood, even when on bail, probation, or parole.

Steps of implementing crime control.

The most corrupt states are also where the most happening life is, and hence the attractive cause for masses of individuals residing there. Therefore more victims of vicious crimes. State legislators and judicial officials are capable of and ought to take solid steps to make the country safer. Thus making it possible for innocent people to live without fear of falling victim to law offenders. Most certainly, concerned citizens, victims of crime, and law enforcement leaders are working to reinforce the criminal justice system. Each citizen can cooperate and play a small role themselves, to help their local police in targeting, focusing and succeeding in seizing their criminal to be turned to the law.     This support from law abiding citizens have encouraged and boosted the morale of the law enforcing leaders. More so, due to this, there has been an increase in police patrols around various neighborhoods, to prevent criminals to commit their heinous crimes. Owing to which, criminals caught in their cold-blooded act, have been sentenced to life in prison, moreover, to capital punishment, if required.     Leniency, such as pleading insanity, bail on parole, and release on probation has been reduced, as this helped the criminal to further develop and strike again. Crime, severe enough to deserve capital punishment, should not escape the authority and most definitely is combated with capital punishment. For fear of death, other criminals either have reduced their frequencies of committing crime, or have rehabilitated, learning a lesson from these capital punishments of others.

Capital punishment – Appropriate punishment

However, capital punishment is not the only possible way for combating crime. Life imprisonment and a huge sum of money as fine are other ways of reinforcing positive behavior in present criminals as well as criminals to be. Bail on parole, release on probation, rehabilitation are a few others too. Taking juvenile delinquencies under consideration, capital punishment is much too harsh at their age, hence, either they are released on probation or sentenced to serve a term or two in jail especially made for minors. These punishments, at this vulnerable age of twelve to eighteen, are an effective way of trying to transform the criminal mind back to an adolescent mind. Then again, they may not change at all. And they’ll strike again as an adult, and then, the crime wont be petty theft or minor vandalism, instead, it will be crimes such as murder and or gang rape, calling out for capital punishment.

Serving sentence in detention centre: More often than not, there is a massive gap between the so-called sentence given and the real time served. This is dishonest, and it is appalling. The public thinks the sentence will be completely served, which is far from the truth, and it puts public safety at risk. Bail on Parole is sometimes used as an answer to prison overcrowding. This is not a rational excuse for the untimely release of violent criminals into the society. If there is lack of prison space, the answer to the problem is to build more prison cells, rather than releasing dangerous criminals. Furthermore, if that is not affordable by the government, more acceptable than releasing the dangerous criminals would be sentencing him to capital punishment.


Fighting crime with capital punishment is highly controversial, and generally, not many people agree with it. However, if the matter is thoroughly considered, it can be conditionally agreed upon. No one is born a criminal. In fact, it is the environment and the atmosphere in the house, school or neighborhood during childhood that affects the personality of an individual. If on parole, or probation, a criminal can actually and literally turn over a new leaf, well and good, but if not, then it should lead directly to capital punishment. Capital punishment may be known to have failed as a deterrent because murderers who premeditate about an assassination may not expect to get caught, and spontaneous, emotional murderers are incapable of thinking realistically about the consequences of their act. The death sentence has a significant part to play in deterring and punishing the most scandalous vicious crimes. In accordance to retributive justice, where the system states ‘an eye for an eye’, the family or other relatives or neighbors of the victim have the right to treat the offender as the victim was treated. These ideas give rise to the sentence of capital punishment for murder, and amputation for theft. Therefore, keeping all above listed facts under consideration, it is conditionally agreed that fighting crime with capital punishment is the most effective form of controlling crime rates and ensuring a peaceful and safe environment for the public.

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