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Facts About of Flash Mobs

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They are called the “Flash Mobs” (“Round dance flash mob Joins Idle No More. “). It sounds so strange to have the word “flash” and “mobs” combined. Are these two words even related? The answer Is yes. It Is actually based on a group of people communicating with each other to gather for a specific purpose. The word “flash” stands for speedy and overwhelming. Witnesses usually don’t know what’s going on because the mobs Just throw out unusual ideas and disappear so quickly (“Definition of flash In English.


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Facts About of Flash Mobs
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People instantly stereotyped this new social activity group, so they used the word mob. ” It is a word to describe a big crowd of people that cause trouble and violence. (“Definition of mob in English. “). The first Flash Mobs event was created by a man named Bill Was. He organized about 130 people and gathered in Macy’s department store in Manhattan. The crowd surrounded a rug with a $10,000 tag, and then they told every approaching clerk that they all live together and they were shopping for a “love rug”.

In a flash, they were gone.

That was also considered as the first social experience of the flash mobs (“Mobs in the Age of Mobile Connectivity. “). Also, flash mobs are usually distinguished as two different types: one is called “Smart Mobs,” and the other one is called “Violent Mobs” or “Black Mobs”. The term “Smart Mobs” is more well-known for creative dancing and singing events or even wedding proposals. These young people contact each other and share ideas by using social networks. They come up with a topic first, create a plan, and then gather to practice over and over.

However, most of the flash mob group members barely know each other, and they only gather because of art and fun. “A flash mob’s purpose is to rate joy through surprise,” said Static Lawrence, c:–founder of the Los Angles- based company Flash Mob America, which organizes flash mob events across the country (“Flash mob supporters say term is unfairly maligned. “). The flash mobs are an outcome of this global technological world, people can find lots of fun by creating artistic events or even Just hanging out dancing on streets. But like everything else, it gets more complicated and can cause trouble too.

There are some Violent Flash Mobs pretending to be Smart Mobs, with the Intent to rob a business or create a street eight. By using the same technology, It can become ugly quickly. They would rush Into a store, destroy the security system, start tearing things up and steal whatever they wanted. The Flash Mobs robberies and street fights have been reported In many cycles of the world. One of the cases happened In Washington DC, about 20 violent mobs robbed a grocery store within only 60 seconds, and when the police arrived, they were already gone.

The number of Violent Flash Mobs only grows bigger and most of the flash mob events attract people quickly and effectively, many companies eve noticed that creating a flash mob event would be helpful to their business. Advertising agencies have tried different ways to hire flash mobs and show them the products that they want to advertise, and then the flash mobs will work on them as their regular projects. They’re called the “paid flash mobs. ” The companies are usually willing to pay good price for successful flash mob events because they impress audiences a lot more than other regular commercials.

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