For Control Lives They Must be in Control of Their Bodies

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The access to the Birth control is an essential human right. For woman and men to control their lives, they must be in control of their bodies. It hasn’t been easy achieving this right, fighting against the misconceptions of contraception’s. Although it has contributed to the economic growth and of the world, it is still being challenged. It has overcome many challenges, the right to birth control, and it is still so frail. Before the legalization of birth control and the industrial revolution, desperate measure we take. The black market thrived, producing painful, household items for woman and unusual devices for men.

Even though these were bought, the result was still a pregnancy, a birth defect or a mother or child perished. Once these were illegalizes, they were disguised as female hygiene products, with the same efficiency as before. Even doctors were mis-informed, advising women to engage in sexual acts at her highest fertility period. Then, In 1918, condoms were legalized in the United States. The development of the Oral contraception Pill closely followed the condom. These led to progress with other forms of contraception and the overall health of the world. The Legalization of birth control made a huge positive impact throughout the world.

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Birth control has lowered the maternal death rate by as much as one-third. It has resulted in economic growth producing led dependent children, woman that are in the workforce nad that are getting a higher education, and diminishing financial barriers for young people or that are in poverty. Abortion cost and usage have lower drastically because or emergency contraception or just the routine method of choice. Even though many positive outcomes came from contraception, woman are still fighting for their right for birth control and many any argue, more now than ever.

Certain organizations are now arising, challenging birth control and peoples’ integrity as a whole. At least five states in the United States attempted to deny funding to positive parental education programs. Personhood, the alternate to Planned Parenthood, is challenging the definition of pregnancy. Personhood states that a woman is pregnant the second there is an implantation of a fertilized egg. This statement puts many birth controls at risk, because of the belief that it will exterminate a fertilized egg. The Pill, and injection, Intrauterine Devices (ITU) and emergency contraceptions’ are being accused of being an abortifacient.

Many of the efficient, safe contraceptions’ may disappear, and women and men alike, might lose a lot of what they desperately have fought for with their heart and their soul. Contraception is something many people take for granted. Many people don’t educate themselves on political figures or what they stand for. Voting a man into power may drastically change the way many people look at the convenience and the privilege that has been given to many individuals. One man may be involved with pro-life, taking away many contraceptions’.

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