Analysis of “Forever Witches” by Estrella Alfon

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Forever Witches is a story about selfishness and its consequences. The main character, Maring, is portrayed as selfish, as evidenced by her use of a voodoo doll to make Julio love her madly, without considering his feelings. She also selfishly demands that her aunts give her powers, despite being warned of the consequences. The story shows how Maring’s selfishness leads to tragic consequences, including the suffering of Julio and her aunts. The lesson of the story is that true love requires empathy and consideration for others, and that we should treat others the way we would like to be treated.

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Forever witches is a story that depicts “selfishness” This simply shows that the main character in the story “Maring was actually a selfish person. This was proved in the part of the story where Mating uses voodoo doll on Julio, to make him love her madly. Maring wants to be the only woman Julio will ever look though Julio was tortured. Maring didn’t think about Julio, she loves only herself, because she didn’t think of the feelings of Julio.

Maring was also selfish to her aunts, because when Maring asked he aunts to give her powers even though she was warned that there is a consequences, she still forced her aunts to teach her the magic. The consequences has a lot impact on Julio and to her aunts. Maring didn’t think and was careless, so she paid the price when she discover that she really didn’t love Julio and her powers, but as the title of the story goes she will be a forever witch.

If I were to deconstruct the story, I would like to deconstruct it at the part where Maring chant a spell to the voodoo doll to make Julio be madly in love with her. My purpose is to prevent the tragedy happened to Julio and to her aunts. What if Maring did a mistake or forget a single step in using her voodoo doll? This will be a great impact at the ending of the story. If Maring weren’t used her powers on Julio, maybe she will not regret of what she has done to Julio, she will not dump him and her tiya Andy will not have an asthma.

By that means Maring will prove if Julio really loves her without using her powers. The lesson of the story was If you really love a person don’t be too selfish, you must not think only of yourself, you must think also about the feelings of the others, you must understand also their weaknesses. As the Golden rule says “Do unto others as you would want others do unto you”.

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