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Game and Basketball

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Basketball has been a part of my life since I was eleven years old. To me basketball isn’t just a sport, but a stress relief from schoolwork and a place where I can just be myself. Anytime I start to feel the stress of school, my family problems or work, I always use basketball as my way of getting away. The moment I step out onto the court I feel refreshed. My mind warps into this place of peace and I feel like I can do anything.

I even sometimes believe that basketball is in my blood. I play representative and domestic basketball.

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Game and Basketball
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Representative is when a player is on a real team that has practices and a playbook, domestic is when your just playing around with your friends. I do find that playing representative is way more enjoyable. The fact that I’m playing with guys of the same age as myself, that have the same interest as I do, and the fact that there all as serious about basketball as I am is pretty cool too.

Training and preparing for my games one of the hardest parts of the game. To play basketball, you have to be in good shape. We run, non-stop, for some days, this keeps our fitness levels up to the standards expected of us.

Honesty I don’t mind that kind of pain because I know that my skills are improving form all the training that we do. On other days, trainings usually consist of skill drills and running through the strategic motion plays for out basketball games. Overall, I play because I LOVE the sport. The best part of the week is when I have games. When the final bell of school rings, I become exited about the game that I have been preparing so hard for. The best part of the season is the finals. Everyone is so exacted to be there. Being able to play in the finals and knowing that if you win you get a trophy is very motivating.

Having your friends and family cheering for you on the court sides is also motivating as well (but also nerve ranking too). Every time you score a goal and hearing everyone roaring with excitement, is the most motivating thing when your out there on the court. Basketball has grown to be a tremendous piece of my life. I know that many people think that basketball is just a sport, but for me, its a way of living life. **Questions- Step 1: introduce yourself and let the coach know that your interested in the team. Step 2: describe your #1 strength as a player

Step 3: wat do u hope to get out of your college experience **Answers- My name is Tyreek Wardlaw. I am African American weighing at one hundred and thirty pounds with a five foot six height. I am very interested in playing college basketball as i move on to the next challenge in my life. My number one strength in the way I play basketball is my mindset and mental skill of the game. I have a high basketball IQ and a positive attitude for basketball even if myself or my teammates are struggling throughout a game or even a season.

Being a point guard I think the most important thing is to stay focused and keep your head in the game. A point guard shouldn’t get frustrated after a bad call or a bad shot, he should keep his mind clear and think positive throughout the whole game. A positive point guard equals positive results. In my college experience I hope to succeed academically. Not only do I want to play basketball but I want to become something more when I get out of college. I know its going to be hard work but I’m ready for the challenge. I hope that your interested in me enough so that I can play the game I love at your college.

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