Competitiveness as a Driving Force in the American Revolution, Michael Jordan’s Basketball Career, and in the Novel Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrad

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A highly competitive attitude is necessary for success. This has been exemplified throughout the American Revolution in which the American colonies’ persistence helped them defeat the British. Michael Jordan’s successful basketball career also demonstrates why ambition is needed for achieving success. Finally, Laura Hillenbrad’s award winning novel, Unbroken, illustrates how competitiveness is needed for being victorious. First, the American Revolution exemplifies how competitiveness is important for success. At first, the American colonies were far inferior to Britain’s highly superior navy and army. Britain’s highly trained and skilled military was too powerful for the colonies. The Continental Army realized that it needed to raise its intimidatingqualities with better trained soldiers. As a result, the minutemen and militia men of the Continental Army received training from Marquis De Lafayette.

Their new skills were tested at the armies’ valiant victory at the Battle of Saratoga, the turning point of the war. The victory at Saratoga raised America’s threat to Britain because it also convinced France to aid the colonies. With France’s help the colonies became too competitive for Britain, causing General Cornwallis to admit defeat at the Battle of Yorktown. Had the colonies not received excellent training from Lafayette and aid from France, then they would not have been competitive enough to win the war. Additionally, the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) greatest player, Michael Jordan was extremely competitive. As a freshman in high school he was first rejected from his school’s varsity basketball team. Nonetheless, Jordan practiced diligently every day and raised his basketball skills to eventually make the team as a sophomore. His hard work was paid off when he led the North Carolina Tarheels to an ACC championship during the season of 1985-1986.

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Jordan continued to be competitive in the NBA, being the first round draft pick. He led the Chicago Bulls to five NBA championships and he received five MVP awards. Had Jordan not been an accomplished athlete he would not have been added to the Naismith National Basketball Hall of Fame. In addition to these two, Laura Hillenbrad’s novel, Unbroken, models how persistence leads to success. In the start of Louie Zamperini’s track career he was not the most successful track player. However, he raised his skills by training in the scorching desert over the summer. Louie then became a track star in his hometown of Torrance, California by breaking many track records in long-distance running. His adeptness in track allowed him to represent America in the Olympics.

Louie’s expertise allowed him to break Olympic records in long distance running. If Louie wasn’ta determined athlete, he would never have had success in his track career and in the Olympics. In conclusion, people need to be competitive to succeed. This has been exemplified in the American Revolution when the colonies raised their threat by training from Marquis De Lafayette and receiving aid from France. Also, Michael Jordan’s hard work allowed him to become the NBA’s greatest player and win five world championships and five MVP awards. Finally, Louie Zamperini would not have been successful if he had not trained to raise his track abilities. Since many examples prove that competitiveness raises success, it can be easily concluded that a strong-minded nature is needed for attaining success.

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