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Generic Employee Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System Using Sensor

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  • Pages 3
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    Considered as one of the vital factors in any working environment, is tracking the working hours of employees for their payroll. Tracking the working hours is a prime necessity for computing wages. The record keeping tracks of some companies were long handled by using diversity of manual system. Although today’s technology is far more advanced, most working environment is still using manual method commonly known as the punch cards and payroll sheet. This method is good, but tedious and time consuming.

    The need for fast, efficient and accurate way of monitoring time and computing the salary is prevalent. Modern means must be implemented to improve the quality of work normally done in manual manner. A quick utilization of recording the working hours is impossible, but now, electronic data processing has revolutionized information – handling techniques. The manual tracking of working hours and computation of the salary of some company has been argued by the employees. The biggest controversy has focused on how automation affects employment.

    There are other important aspects of automation including its effect on productivity, economic competition, education and quality of life. Nearly all industrial installation of automation involves replacement of manual system and human labor by an automated computerized system. Therefore, one of the direct effects of automation in some operations is the dislocations of human labors from the workplace. Labor unions have argued and many companies have adopted the policy but that would only mean that workers displaced by automation should be retained for other or the same positions perhaps increasing their skill levels in the process.

    Hence in this study, time monitoring and consumption of salary can be more quick and accurate. Visits to several companies have been made in the past few weeks, which revealed some problems encountered with the operation of computing salary and time monitoring. With the innovation of the computer system, the growing technology imposed the proponents to enter to its successful meaning concerning business economy. This idea of Sensor Input Device would be of such a great help for such an economic institution.

    This idea has been actualized to different companies, the researchers chose several companies such as factories and fast food chains as the ground for the study due to image established.


    As initiated by the proponents, a system investigation was advanced on several companies. The study conducted was focused on the development of a computerized system that will meet the attendance monitoring and computation of salary. The related problems as identified in the study were the following:

    • The existing system using Bundy clock and manual computation is tedious and time consuming.
    • Slow and inaccurate recording of working hours.
    • Lack of security of employee’s record.
    • Manual computation of salary is prone to error.
    • The process of updating files is slow.


    The general objective is to develop a Generic Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System Using Sensor. The specific objectives are the following:

    1. To analyze how the existing of monitoring of attendance of the employees operates.
    2. To identify and analyze the problems which arise in the existing system.
    3. To design and develop system that will eliminate or at least lessen the problem of the existing system.
    4. To have a faster way of computing salary.
    5. To computerized payroll procedures such as time keeping, bimonthly salary, computation and generating reports for employees, bank and government agencies.
    6. To show that the proposed system is technically, operationally and economically feasible for implementation.
    7. To incorporate generic payroll policies and adapt the new requirements in the created system so as to effect better result in the decision making of responsibilities of management.

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