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Global Crime and Globalization

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Global crime is involved intricately with revolutionary progression in categories such as technological, financial, economic, cultural, and political changes that all characterize globalization. Wars and conflicts of all sorts make crime more prevelant. Global crime is also the production of global poverty, global migration, growth of global cities, expansion of trade, and computer technologies all combined. It is because of these things and other factors of globalization that global crime has also globalized.

Crime has grown with globalization and criminal networks have grown to establish connections with different countries or criminal organizations.

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Global Crime and Globalization
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Some of these criminal organizations run the trafficking of humans, drugs, weapons, and other bad things. I believe crime has increased because of globalization which is a terrible thing for this day and age.

The global drug problem is a good example of why globalization has a negative effect on global crime. The foundations of illegal drug problems began with European expansion, colonization, and trade. Crime is intertwined with illegal drug problems on many different levels, from the very use of the drugs to the murder and violence that stems from drugs.

There have been wars revolved around illegal drug rings, which has lead to drug violence being one of the leaders in concern with global crime. The increase in globalization has made the drugs better, more popular, easier to get, more competitive, and bigger. Drug and human trafficking are two in the same. Human trafficking has grown with the increase in technology and all other globalization factors.

Some would argue that globalization has had a positive effect on crime because it has made the world more aware of the problems and where they are. The truth behind that statement is millions of undiscovered crimes happen a year. No matter how many prevention programs or criminal awareness organization try to slow down the crime rate, the crime rate is not slowing down. With the increase of globalization there is a direct increase in crime.

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Global Crime and Globalization. (2016, Jun 11). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/global-crime-and-globalization/

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