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Globalization is the integrating of economic sciences, such as exchange information, merchandises and money throughout the universe. Globalization and socio-economic development would lend to increase in economic growing and wealth. From a concern position, globalisation opens many markets to the concerns. However, globalisation, similitude civilization, administration system and spread of economic system that became the challenges to little concerns. In Malaysia, little concerns barely get attending on economic development, although they act as a important function in Malaysia’s economic system, which provide new occupation chances and increase the gross domestic merchandise. This was because little concerns face many obstructions such as bureaucratic processs, legal restraints, scare resources and deficiency of experience and accomplishment, which tend to impact their public presentation. The instance survey provided many ways to help the Malaysian little concerns which include the building a corporate and relentless little concerns society, heighten domestic administration systems, awake public attending and enhance invention and ability in little concerns. The nutrient tribunal which is a type of little concern in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was discussed in this instance survey.

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Around the universe, little concern has conveying a part to the state ‘s economic system Small concerns provide employment chances and developing entrepreneurial accomplishments for ordinary to increase their experience in concern. Small concern able to carry through specific client demands faster due to their flexibleness and legerity. When economic downswing many freelance turned to run little concern and these operation can promote the country’s economic growing. Therefore little concern operators should be supported by public establishments and big corporations to go on develop.

Globalization consequence the societal relationships between the corporate manages and their little concerns tenants’ particularly western instruction and preparation. Globalization in footings of unfastened competition have given a direct challenge to traditional work values and systems to little concern which are still unprepared. Cultural homogeneousness influence market behaviour such as increasing monetary values of goods and services. The turning of economic spreads and income spreads are normally to the direct effects of unfastened competition on weaker participants in the concern who lack the ability to contend back. Besides that, deficiency of legal protection and disunity constitute a major menace to the operators.

In contrast, to protect the involvements of the little participant Malaysia needs more effectual jurisprudence. Bar council can protect the legal place of little concerns through supplying legal advice at lowest cost. Small and Medium Enterprise Development Corporation can assist concerns to happen alternate concern chances and relocate their premises has a similar strategic topographic point. Major reforms are concern moralss and corporate societal duty is required. Small concern besides need to raise public consciousness on the importance of corporate societal duty and good administration in continuing the public assistance of society. A little concern community leads the mission through usage of information engineering, societal webs and systematic public candidacy. Organization that have ability to maximise public presentation at minimize cost is an efficient and effectual organisation. Information engineering should be used to assist little company in research and selling. Information engineering supplying on-line entree to new merchandise cognition, promote the concern through web sites and societal media that can assist to spread out little concern.


In the article, the instance survey is focal points on nutrient tribunal in Malaysia as one of the little concern in the market. However, the focal point on merely one sector as the illustration to explicate the consequence of globalisation towards little concern is deficient. It is hard for readers to see the whole image of the effects globalisation. Few more surveies should be done in other sectors in other provinces and included in the article, so that it will go a more item and a knowing diary to readers.

Besides that, economic disparity is merely mentioned briefly in the diary. Although the chief rubric is non excessively concentrate to the economic disparity but at least lucubrate more about its effects towards the Malaysia market and towards little and average endeavors. This can allow the readers know more about the effects of economic disparity on Malaysia market and about readers themselves.

The information gathered in the diary about the instance survey is equal and were elaborated in inside informations, like the day of the months, the state of affairs, alteration of direction and etc. Readers have the whole image of what had happened before and after which lead to the emptying of nutrient stall operators and the failure of the operators to contend back for what they deserve. For illustration, ab initio the muliebrity and Bolshevism corporate values used by the first batch of Pro Clean directors to cover with operators had changed to maleness and individuality which practiced by those immature batch of executives.

The debut is so enlightening which have explained the function drama by little concern in Malaysia’s economic system when the Asiatic fiscal crisis in 1997. It has explained the state of affairs where big houses were downsizing and many have turned to the little concern sector. However, little concern still hasn’t acquire the attending and supported by public establishments, society and other larger corporation.

The diversified recommendations provided in the diary are utile and enlightening. It provides important action or stairss and bureaus to all readers which will come in ready to hand when something similar is go oning to anyone. For illustration, it suggested the operator of The Kitchen should unify in order to catch the attending of local leaders and could fall back to corporate bargaining through relevant non-government organisation and trade association.


After I finished reexamining the article, I think this research was speedy Nice but still necessitate to give the suggestion for a few things.

In my suggestion, I think the author needs to make more research from other sectors such as fabrication and services sector. Different sectors have their ain positive or negative position sing the consequence of globalisation. This is because, every different sectors have their ain possible degree, some of the little concern thinks that globalisation provided good chances that can increase the net income but some of little house think that as a challenge of competition. Therefore, information from different sectors should be collected for analysis so the ensuing will more accurate and elaborate. This is because, research from one sector may be unpersuasive to explicate the whole impact of globalisation of little concern.

Economic disparity exists between little house and larger houses because the impact of globalisation. This is because, planetary market provides benefits and chance to increased competitory force per unit areas on houses. Therefore, larger house will gain more net income and little houses will confront challenges of competition. However, most of the little houses are hard to entry the planetary market because less of fight, and deficiency of experience to dispute with the larger house. Small houses are by and large less well-equipped to confront rise in international trade, lower productiveness will hard to vie and hard to removal of duty barriers with limited resources when compared to larger houses. For illustration, smaller houses lack the economic sciences of graduated table cause less dearly-won per unit for the international corporation.

In world, the Small concern is a pillar of Malaysia’s economic system. Since 1997, big house has relocated discharged workers and turned to little concern due to happen Asia Financial Crisis. At this clip period, little concern provides the occupation chances for those employees who have been laid off from larger corporations. Besides that, income earned from little concern besides as a portion to promoting the country’s economic growing. However, Small concern hasn’t gotten the supported by larger corporations, society and public establishment and halter their flourish though bureaucratic processs, legal restraints and other. In my suggestion, I think that every section particularly the authorities should pay attending to concern the development of little concern. For illustration, the authorities should supply alternate chances, inducement and subsidies allow the smaller houses compete in the planetary markets.

The concluding portion of the 4 recommend step were presented in the diary have efficient and effectual functioned to better endurance rates for little concern in the planetary market.

However, I think the supply concatenation besides as a step that can be better little concern ability and productiveness. This is because the intent of supply concatenation direction ( SCM ) is to keep common trust and cooperation between spouses in Supply Chain to heightening the stock list Visibility and the Speed of stock motion. Therefore, SCM can assist little concern cut down cost, Increased Output and increase net income though design, planning, executing, control, and monitoring of supply concatenation activities. For illustration, cost decreases from riddance of uneconomical procedures that can be increased company net income.

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