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Globalization is the procedure of interaction and integrating among people, companies, and authoritiess of different states, driven by international trade and investing and aided by information engineering. This procedure has major consequence on the environment, civilization, political systems, economic development and prosperity, and on human physical wellbeing and societies around the universe. ‘

Its effects influences people as concerns tend to travel beyond their domestic and national markets to other markets around the Earth, where different markets are interconnected. It is besides seen as widening its range to other parts of the universe.

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Why did Coca-Cola globalise? Using Kenichi Ohmae ‘s 5Cs model with mention to the BPP text edition, we can understand the grounds why Coca-Cola moved towards international markets for enlargement.


The Coca-Cola Company wanted everyone around the universe to bask its merchandise. It was the proprietor ‘s vision for its merchandise to be enjoyed worldwide. The company ‘s success was besides ensured since it enjoyed homogeneous clients where people around the universe enjoyed the same gustatory sensation. This partnered with major advertisement runs made Coca-Cola one of the most celebrated trade name name in the universe. With the aid of originative advertisement, Coca-Cola was able to capture the trueness of consumers to go on usage of its merchandises. Ad is seen as a medium for the company to pass on and advance its merchandises to its clients which is widely used by The Coca-Cola Company.

The Coca-Cola Company has besides introduced new merchandises to bing markets in order to accommodate to a peculiar state gustatory sensation bud. In 2009, research testing of a new fountain dispenser called the Coca-Cola Freestyle is able to distribute more than 100 different trade names of drinks which is presently being placed in selected US markets and would go on to be placed worldwide. The intent of the new dispenser is to capture informations of what sort of gustatory sensation people have in penchant, this allows the company to garner informations on statistics of people ‘s pick in order to develop and present a new merchandise into the market. ( The Coca-Cola Company )


The Coca-Cola Company enjoys big economic systems of graduated table by traveling into international markets. Large graduated table bottling in the long tally makes the company more competitory by bettering their production methods in order to accomplish the lowest cost possible. They besides look into possible international markets for growing and investing chances. After local market demands are fulfilled, the company would desire to come in into new markets in order to increase its gross revenues and net incomes. It would besides increase the company ‘s client base since there is a new supply of demand to be met. Listed below in Figure 2 and Table 2 is the net operating gross, runing income and net income for the Coca-Cola Company over 4 old ages.


The Coca-Cola Company competes in the non-alcoholic drinks section of the commercial drinks industry. The drink industry is extremely competitory, as there are many different types of drinks in the market runing from non-alcoholic to alcoholic merchandises. There are many companies that are similar to The Coca-Cola Company, some of which tends to vie for portion of market across the universe. The company peculiarly globalised due to the fact that they wanted to derive entree into new and bigger markets since their domestic market demands are already fulfilled.

Another ground would be due to strong competition from The Pepsi-Cola Company as they are the company ‘s biggest challengers. Harmonizing to the Coca-Cola Company, there are legion competitory factors that could impact the concern which include ” pricing, advertisement, gross revenues publicity plans, merchandise invention, increased efficiency in production techniques, the debut of new packaging, new peddling and distributing equipment, trade name and hallmark development and protection. ”


Coca-Cola besides went international so that they can extenuate their foreign currency exchange rates by gaining gross in a different currency through gross revenues in a peculiar state. Selling merchandises and services in multiple states besides reduces the company ‘s exposure to possible economic and political instability in a individual state. In 2009, The Coca-Cola Company traded in 71 different functional currencies in add-on to the U.S Dollar. A sum of 74 percent cyberspace operating gross was derived from outside the United States. Therefore, additions or lessenings in the value of the U.S. dollar against other currencies will hold a major consequence on the points that are denominated in foreign currencies.


The Coca-Cola Company would desire addition entree to cheaper labor, natural stuffs and finance. Such as the cost of labour hr in China is merely $ 1.27 per hr ( Malone, 2008 ) which is ranked reasonably low compared to other developed states. This would minimise the cost of bottling and consequence in higher gross gained. Bottling workss in China as of terminal of October 2009 sum at 39 workss and is still increasing at a high rate.

Furthermore, resources that are hard to obtain in their place market can be located elsewhere at a better monetary value while traveling international. This can be achieved by outsourcing some of their operation to other states in order to better efficiency since service suppliers are specialised in its services rendered. Outsourcing is widely used by today ‘s company, as it allows the company to concentrate on its nucleus activities where non-core activities are outsourced to specialist industries. This can take to a economy in fixed cost as there is no demand to engage monthly salaried staff.

How did Coca-Cola globalise?

There are different entry modes a company can take on how to come in a market. The Coca-Cola Company uses different phases of entry manners depending on the markets. It chiefly depends on the entire size or market population, the per centum of that population utilizing their merchandises, and the measure of merchandises that they can sell to non-users. Once the market is identified and selected, they would foremost see the grade of resource committedness and the extent of the steadfast operational engagement in that peculiar part.

As their bottling scheme, the company would first assist their bottlers to construct up their concern. This is by shooting financess into the said bottlers through equity investings. This is good for both the company and its bottler as in addition in production capacity at bottler degree would hold a resulting addition in concentrate gross revenues. The degree of investing depends on the bottler ‘s capital construction and resources at the clip of investing.

Harmonizing to the company, it maintains concern relationship with three types of bottlers which are:

  • Bottlers in which the company has no ownership involvement ;
  • Bottlers in which the company has invested and has a non-controlling ownership involvement ; and
  • Bottlers in which the company has invested and has a commanding ownership involvement.
  • Bottling operations in which the company has as of 31st December 2009.


The phases of entry are explained in elaborate below utilizing China as an illustration by mentioning to Mok ‘s diary reappraisal. ( Mok et al. , 2002 ) During the first phase ( 1974-84 ) , Coca-Cola exported and sold its dressed ore to its franchised Chinese-owned bottlers. Local market agents were held to the full responsible for production and distribution whereas the company were in charge of advertisement. Due to the bottler ‘s timeserving behavior which foremost prioritise their ain underside line, it limited the enlargement of Coca-Cola ‘s market portion in early phases. The method used is seen as exporting through contractual understandings as trust of the bottlers has yet to be gained.

During the 2nd phase ( 1985-92 ) , Coca-Cola bought equity portions in the bottling concerns in order to cut down the consequence of uncertainness. Besides that, it was besides to curtail the timeserving behaviors of its local bottlers since their lone focal point was on their ain bottom-line which were disadvantageous to Coca-Cola. This is known as Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) into the said bottlers which may include acquisitions of good established companies in the ulterior phase.

During the 3rd phase ( 1993-present ) , Coca-Cola teamed up with two foreign bottlers which are the Kerry and Swire group under a franchise understanding. The company so began to internalize its direction and operations by sourcing locally. Soon so, the whole operation was handed to locals and watched over by the foreign division director. Sourcing for upstream providers is decentralised to the division director since purchasing locally would hold nest eggs on revenue enhancements. Contracting in local linguistic communication would be made easier as a consequence of the localization of function.


Coca-Cola was the prima bolo tie concern in India before 1977. However, a alteration of authorities forced them to draw out their concern since new statute laws required the sharing of the secret expression with a local spouse which posed a immense hazard. The Coca-Cola merely re-entered the market in 1993, after Indian ordinances were changed to let foreign trade names to run without any Indian partnership. By so, PepsiCo had already captured bulk portion and ruled without competition as they were at that place since 1988. ( Srivastava, 2010 )

To do things worse, Coca-Cola suffered a immense blow to their trade name name in India as their workss had immense demands for H2O, which led 1000s of husbandmans out of work by run outing the H2O that feeds their harvests which had deductions on the local economic system. Besides that, the waste sludge produced by their workss sold as fertiliser was proven to be toxic to the dirt. ( Brown, 2003 ) . PepsiCo ‘s market in India has been strong since so, as it has become the “ default ” name for Colas in India.

However, the company has non given up on the Indian market as growing is picking up easy. Their scheme includes presenting other merchandises in their portfolio to the market and purchasing up a local trade name Cola rival Thums Up, to vie against PepsiCo. Thums Up is now ranked foremost in India with a market portion of 16.16 % as of 2009, Sprite besides a merchandise of Coca-Cola is ranked 2nd with 15.6 % compared to Pepsi ‘s market portion of merely 13 % harmonizing to AC Nielsen information. ( Bhushan, 2009 )

The Coca-Cola Company ‘s manner of entry frequently changes harmonizing to accommodate the peculiar state. Internationalisation is seen as a consecutive procedure whereby houses bit by bit increase their committedness to new markets and roll up cognition easy in order to increase their capablenesss. It suggests that houses ab initio use entry manners that allow them to maximize cognition acquisition whilst minimising the hazard of their assets.

Effectss of globalization

The effects as a consequence of The Coca-Cola Company ‘s globalization have had a immense impact on the universe. By utilizing the SWOT analysis, the effects of globalization of The Coca-Cola Company can be separated into positive and negative effects. Positive effects consist of strengths and chances, whereas negative effects are the company ‘s failings and menaces.

Competition to better quality

Globalization has led to increased competition for the non-alcoholic drink market for the company. Hence, there is an overall competition to better the quality of their merchandises for them to vie for market portion. In order to last, the company must be able to get by with the lifting criterions of their clients. The company must be able to vie at low monetary values and continuously better their bottling procedures. Keen competition forces companies to speed up their merchandise invention and advertisement runs which can be seen as strength for the industry.


The economic environment is altering quickly as a consequence of globalization. The hereafter development of the universe is shaped as a consequence of globalization. Benefits to society are frequently shared among people for the greater good. With the innovation of seat belts by Volvo shared, it increased the survival rate of auto accidents. ( Bellis, n.d ) An illustration would be the bottling workss built by The Coca-Cola Company uses mechanics that are advanced automated robotics which introduces states to a more effectual and efficient manner of bottling which could so be improved farther to accommodate local demands.

By bettering their production line around the universe, it would beef up the company ‘s presence. The company will be able portion their proficient know-how around their bottling workss based on experience in different states. Such as betterments made in one state can be shared with other bottling workss owned by the company around the universe. The first bottling works that follows Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ( LEED ) criterions was opened in 2009 in Latin America. ( The Coca-Cola Company )

Popularity and acknowledgment

As a consequence of mass spread outing and advertisement plans, the company was able to come in into states worldwide which finally made their trade name name one of the most well-known trade names of today. Many companies have since followed by spread outing into international Waterss while maintaining focal point on trade name acknowledgment would finally come to cognize worldwide still can be seen in today ‘s industry. Ad runs are the strengths of The Coca-Cola Company as it can capture the trueness of consumers with easy recognised advertizements. An illustration would be the commercial advertizement in 1971 where The Hillside Singers sang a vocal called “ I ‘d wish to learn the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony. ” ( The Coca-Cola Company ) In this commercial, people of all different civilizations and races come together to sing about desiring universe peace and infers that universe peace can be achieved by purchasing person a coke.


Job chances

With the company ‘s planetary enlargement, it was able to supply occupation chances in over 200 different states worldwide which would decidedly construct and heighten the economic development of one ‘s state. The Coca-Cola Company itself presently has 92,800 employees worldwide as of 2009 ( Hoovers, 2009 ) and much more if other related parties are added. This is seen as an chance for the company as it would be able to use a diverse background of employees from all around the universe.

Cultural influence

Cultures around the universe have come together and created so many different societies across different metropoliss around the Earth which have grown and improved harmonizing to globalization. Some old traditions are discarded while new 1s are form from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. The same can be said of Coca-Cola, which has pop-up in states across the universe and alter the manner people have their repasts. The trade name is widely accepted by different states due to homogeneous markets. This is such a great chance for the company to do an feeling and an unerasable move as the different types of civilizations around the universe, where there is a similar or common civilization, that is, Coca-Cola. ( Kulkarni, n.d )

Huge portfolio to prosecute

Since The Coca-Cola Company has over 200 trade names in its portfolio, there are other many up and coming new trade names for the company to prosecute. This would guarantee the company ‘s endurance in the late hereafter if a trade name sequence program is in topographic point. An unknown merchandise does non intend it ‘s a failure, merely non yet discovered by people. Once discovered it will pave the route to success and hence procuring the company ‘s hereafter. One of the chief company schemes is to purchase out competition of lifting trade names that they think would make good in the distant hereafter.


Lack of popularity in other portfolio trade names

In add-on, the other trade names offered besides the chief trade name Coca-Cola lacks popularity. It is largely unknown or seldom seen on shelves likely due to restricted distribution in a peculiar state as proving credence of the market. These trade names are kept low profiled and no related nexus is made to the chief trade name in instance the trade name fails. This is seen as a failing in the line of merchandises Coca-Cola has to offer as advertisement allowance is non reasonably distributed to all their merchandises.

Health effects

There are besides certain wellness effects to be concerned with as a consequence of Coca-Cola ‘s globalization. By mentioning to the book Liquid Candy written by Jacobson ( Jacobson, 2005 ) , he discusses the effects of devouring soda drinks that could take to several wellness concerns. Below are inauspicious wellness effects viewed as a menace to the company ‘s traveling concern if people boycott their merchandises which would hold inauspicious consequence on the company ‘s gross and endurance.

Sugar is of import beginning of saccharides for our organic structure. However, soft drinks contain high sums of sugar ( Better Health Channel, n.d ) where regular ingestion could take to overweight or corpulent jobs. By being corpulent, it tends to increase the opportunities of holding diabetes and many other types of diseases. Fleshiness could besides take to societal and psychological jobs such as hungering oneself to cut down weight.

Soft drinks frequently have links with lower Ca degrees which could take to the disease osteoporosis. Deep concern should be placed on kids since Ca is needed in early phases for development of castanetss. Excessively much soft drinks could take to hapless bone materialization in the future life of the kids. Therefore, in order to safeguard 1s future, parents should command the consumption of soda drinks of their kids.

Soft drinks besides have high degrees of phosphoric acid which can be harmful to 1s dentitions. The sourness degree in soft drinks can be compared to that of acetum which can do corrosion of the enamel. Most of the soft drinks contain caffeine for its energy boosting effects. Therefore devouring excessively much soft drink could take to caffeine dependence. There are backdown symptoms such as sickness or concern if one is addicted. High consumptions of caffeine can take to insomnia and even irregular pulses. ( Yakowicz, 2010 )


Changing wellness consciousness

With the company ‘s globalization, bad facets of foreign civilizations would be given to impact its manner into local civilizations. Such as the soft drinks craze that is distributing around the universe. Although good for the company where higher ingestion leads to higher grosss, devouring excessively much will hold inauspicious wellness effects on its consumers. The wellness consciousness of people are get downing to alter, as they are traveling towards a healthier life style in which turning away on soda drinks may be a menace to the company hereafter.

Job insecurity

Companies frequently seek to take down their cost in order to gain a higher net income border. One of the methods is to outsource their non-core activities such the paysheet map to service suppliers. This would guarantee a lower cost with an acceptable degree of quality in work done. As a consequence, it increases unemployment rate in developed states. Developing states like China and India dominate the outsourcing market because of their reasonably low labor cost. There is a higher hazard of retrenchment for employees in the developed states as they can be replaced by their opposite numbers across the universe in chase of low cost. Therefore, a menace exists where the company might lose its good employees to rivals if it shows the slightest marks of restructuring.

Local industries taken over by foreign multinationals

Foreign multinationals frequently take over local companies as a manner of entry into the peculiar state. It would strip the upbringing of local industries as those who remained will hold to confront a tougher competition posed by the foreign transnational. This is one of the schemes used by The Coca-Cola Company as they are actively geting local bottling workss around the universe. A menace would be present if the local authoritiess start to curtail the company from farther enlargement in its state in order to safeguard their place grown companies. This would function as an obstruction to the company ‘s enlargement programs into the said state. ( Pillai, n.d )

Waste and pollution

Developing states are frequently taken advantage of by foreign multinationals. Since developing states need high degrees of foreign investing to hike its economic development, the local authoritiess would be given to overlook on the pollution caused as they can non put on the line a backdown of financess from the state. The environmental Torahs and ordinances of a underdeveloped state are besides in the procedure of puting up. Therefore, foreign transnational companies frequently take this advantage by puting up workss at an early phase. The Coca-Cola Company has taken advantage of this affair in India where their mills produced waste sludge and were sold as fertiliser which was proven toxic to harvests. ( Brown, 2003 ) As this poses a menace to the environment, the company ‘s licences can be revoked if non settled. Measures should be taken by the company to implement environmentally friendly workss for the hereafter in deceiving the toxic waste.


The chief recommendations for The Coca-Cola Company are to work their strengths and chances, while extenuating their failings and menaces. The chief strength is its popularity of the trade name Coca-Cola. The company can utilize the Coca-Cola name to back up their other merchandises if the merchandise is accepted by consumers. A measure further is to publicize the merchandises side by side since its advertisement runs are reviewing and easy recognised. This enables the company to capture a new type of client trueness.

Popularity of a trade name name chiefly depends on the people ‘s word of oral cavity. This can either be positive or negative in different conditions. Other trade names that the company offer deficiency popularity which is a failing for the company. The company should non merely concentrate on the chief trade name but besides push possible trade names to the populace.

The Coca-Cola Company should prosecute other trade names in their portfolio since Coca-Cola is already a universe known merchandise. This can be done with increased advertisement for the less popular merchandises which would take to more trade name acknowledgment if the merchandise is successful. If a merchandise is unable to capture a market and operations are running at a loss, the merchandise should be discontinued. Fundss saved from shuting the division can be used to better other trade names or to get new possible trade names.

A major menace to the company is the altering wellness consciousness of the people. The company has made attempts since so by presenting low sugar and caffeine-free merchandises into their portfolio and must go on making so. Besides that, there is strong competition from other rival trade names such as PepsiCo. The chief thought here is to steal market portion from its challengers such as happening out what are the strong brands the rival have and to present a similar merchandise that would function as an option.

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