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Good and Bad Teachers

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I would wish to state that I did hold some bad instructors and some good 1s. I would wish to get down with the good instructors I had in the yesteryear and the 1s I have now. I had about 5 good instructors in the yesteryear that were really good to me and my category. Those instructors were good because they would give us parties every clip the whole category gets an Angstrom. They would give us free clip when we needed it.

they would allow us play bingo beside on the lesson we were holding ) . I gave approximately 6 good instructors this twelvemonth. good so far they are good to me and the category. Of class you are one of them although I merely acquire to speak to you on Thursdays and Mondays. but because you allow me make something’s over I would state that you are a good instructor. good online instructor. but let’s acquire back to school instructors the other 5 are good because they know when to give us trials and quizzes.

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Good and Bad Teachers
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but there is one in peculiar that is already be aftering a portion for when we finish the portion of a book were taking.

The others are besides good because the give us what we need and want. Now I will speak about the bad instructors. In the past I had 4 bad instructors. I am non that type of individual that likes to indicate figures but here it goes. I think that they are bad because they give us excessively much work for our small custodies to take attention of and all twenty-four hours is work and work. They did non like it when we said something incorrect they would set us outside of the category and if that did non work so they would literally tape on our oral cavity. but lucky me I ne’er talked during that teacher’s period so that ne’er happened put to me.

This twelvemonth I have 3 bad instructors. I think that they are bad because every clip the WHOLE category fails that instructor blames it on the pupils and some of us tell that instructor that it is non our mistake. if the whole category failed that means that. that instructor did non learn us really good or the trial was non based on what instructor had thought us. I know that is non a nice thing to make to us as pupils. The other instructors they either merely over do it with classwork and prep. I know what you are thing Ms. Harvard we need that work. and I could non hold more with you but these instructors merely give us the unnecessary things.

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