Goodbye, Saigon Finally

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Vietnam War ended in 1975. The war had taken lives and spirits for more than a decade in the country. When Lam was going to US leaving his country during the fall of Saigon, he didn’t realize; what he was leaving behind. Lam said it seemed the Vietnam has been blocked from his memories. His feelings reflect the attraction of motherland; which at times seems a faded faraway, but remains deep inside us.

It was during his teen years that Lam began to think about his homeland. After realized that what he left was a part of the world’s history, further he figured it was his home. It was natural for human beings to yearn for the place we are brought up or where we spend our early lives; Lam is no exception. It was under this influence Lam came with the idea to inform Americans about Vietnamese people and culture. I believe it was good idea; because at the time he started writing people had only one-way view of Vietnam; Lam showed the American people the story of his side.

Normally childhood has memories and if childhood is happy; people wish to stay in the childhood. Lam also dreamt to return of his days of Vietnam, however it has changed when he returned; the myth of dream like childhood faded and once and for all leaves Vietnam. Whenever we depart from our relatives; it’s natural to say goodbye and seek blessing; the time he left his home; he could not say Good-bye. Thus it can be said that Goodbye Saigon is his way of saying goodbye finally.


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