Grades Viewing System


Over the years as technology keeps improving, more and more people are using it in their lives. It has become a significant matter in all our lives. Though some are addicted to it, others only using it once in a while, but still we all have used it at least once. Thankfully we have technology which makes our lives easier. But is this really a change for the better. Technology experience links with being computer literate, computers are invented to give high-speed answer to a very wide and complex problems that will took man-years to do it.

This research study and proposed system is manual login for individual college student of Cainta Catholic College it will help to improve and develop the grading viewing of a student to avoid having too much time and process for claiming grades. This will be favourable for the college student. The Nature of the business The nature of business of registrar office are Requesting for the document, Birth Certificate, Form 137/138 and other requirements for enrolment for the new student , collecting and recording all grades personal Information and Evaluating grades.

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Summary of the purpose and function of the present system being investigated The registrar provides class card for every student who enrolled then the student will passed the class card to their professor. After a whole semester the professor passed the class card to the registrar office to evaluating and recording of all grades. It will bring to the college office (Dean’s Office) for releasing of grades to all college students to claim their class card. But it depends if the student are fully paid for the previous semester. The findings or problems encountered in the present system

Late submission of the grades by the professor. Incomplete requirements of the student. Unpaid tuition or other payments if any. Not yet complied for the deadline and submission of clearance Chapter II Summary of findings Flow chart of the present system TEACHER Detailed description The registrar office will count the number of subject of the student and then they will give a class card for every college student. Afterwards, the said office will claim the grades form from the professor to know the status of the students for the previous semester if they were failed or passed.

The registrar’s office will record and evaluates the Grades of the students and also they will give request form for the fulfilment of the requirements of the student. Objective of the Presents system The Registrar’s Office aims to render a qualitative management and quantitative output. Its goal is to draw a clear line of systematic functions giving emphasis to matters concerning enrolment registration, processing and issuances of academic records, verification, scheduling, archiving and other related functions that are of relevance.

It mainly focuses in providing meaningful and accurate information when and where it is needed and must necessarily ensure the integrity of curricular records. Significance of the study: The Student Information Viewing And Encoding system is to help to lessen the work of the personnel in Registrar Office. Student – to provide this proposed system entitled “Student Information Viewing and Encoding System” that will give more inconvenient for quick viewing of their information and grades. Registrar – Can ease the work of the staffs.

Easy and quickly viewing, editing and updating the information and grades of the student. Can Add new student and delete existing student. Objective of the study We proposed a system, which is called “Student Information Viewing and Encoding System” to help the school provide a viewing of college student information. It will help the students to quickly view their grades by manual login to view their grades if past or failed. This will ease in accessing the records needed for there will be an option for searching with the used password (admin) or with the used of smartcard (student) issued by the school.

The viewing functions of a Student Information Viewing and Encoding System are to support the personal and study info relating to: Handling records of grades from 3rd year BSCS Section-A Handling personnel information such as student name, place of birth, birthday, religion, email address, contact number, home address, father’s name and occupation, mother’s name and occupation, elementary school graduated, high school graduated and in case of emergency informations. fully implemented program that will help to ease and view of the grades of the college III-BSCS-A It can rely on having an accurate grade.

Capabilities of the present system The capabilities of the present system are as follows: Verification of enrolees Integrity of the student data of student Implementation of academic policies with regard to program and degree requirements Certification that candidates for graduation have met the academic requirements of the university Certification of eligibility of student athletes to participate Production of the undergraduate bulletin annually Production of the semester schedule of classes each semester Production of official transcripts upon student request

Coordination of academic advising for undergraduate students Coordination of enrolment for undergraduate students Coordination of commencement exercises and honors convocations Evaluation of transfer credit Scope and limitations: In the study of this propose system several factors have been considered. More particularly, the scope of the study, which is an important factor, has been laid down as follows: The scope of the proposed system: Student Information Viewing and Encoding System is only allow for viewing personal information and grades for 3rd BSCS Section-A. It can be access by manual login to connect to the system.

The administrator can Add new student, Edit student information and grades, delete student and grades and can search a student that you want to access. The limitation of the proposed system Student Information Viewing and Encoding System is for 3rd year BSCS Section-A only for now. The proposed system is not an internet base and networked. The enrolment system and payment system is not included in the system. Online request is not accessible. The Grades is not printable as of now. the manual hand writing records is not include in this system Only grades and information can view in the system.

Cecile Cerezo, the different problems align which the registrars have come up with and for how many years their transaction process for releasing of grades become consistent and stable. The present system of the Registrar Office when it comes to grading distribution has a too long process before the student finally claim their grades and it becomes one of the main problems between the professors and the said office because of the hectic procedures in encoding the grades of the student until the announcement for releasing of student grades obtain.

Chapter IV Economic Justification Cost analysis of the proposed system Item Price Estimated Total Cost Computer Server 7,000 22,000 Computer Hardware 10,000 Printer 5,000 Advantage of the present system A manual filing system cannot be destroyed by an accidental power loss. Also, hackers cannot access a manual filing system from another computer. This helps security issues. Depending on the setup, it could be an easier, more personal way to keep files and records in order.

Filing cabinets can be locked with a key. Disadvantage of the present system More space is required to store the paperwork involved. The major disadvantage is that manual systems require more work and tasks that take more time to complete. Another disadvantage is the cost to maintain manual systems. It is considerably higher due to the amount of manpower needed. The Proposed System Our proposed system with regards to the claiming of grades, the registrar will no longer give class card in every student.

The professor will get the name of the student for recording and collecting the grades, after this the professor will pass all the grades to the registrar which will be encoded to the system program known as “Student Information Viewing and Encoding System ” when this process is already done the grades of the student are now ready to view by manual login by using their ID number as the password. Advantage of the proposed system Easy and quickly viewing of the grades. It will be benefits for the registrar(Administrator) and college student and it is a friendly user..

Information cannot be erased or removed accidentally by any magnetic or electrical means. The expenses for producing class card may decrease. Disadvantage of the proposed system Using a computerized system comes with its own set of problems, such as the need to protect against data loss through power failure or viruses. If the data has been incorrectly entered into the system, a mistake in data entry can throw off a whole set of data. No transaction if no electric generator. Forgot ID number for password. Chapter V Recommendations Proposed user of the system Input your ID number as your password in manual login.

Wait for accessing of the program for your grade result. You can now view your grades and your personal information. The progress for the grading process is one of the reasons of the researchers for the proposal regarding about their system it will be useful and accessible for the student and it is a technology based and program friendly. Proposed hardware to be used: Computer hardware refers to the physical parts or components of a computer such as monitor, keyboard, computer data storage, hard drive disk, mouse, system unit Proposed Computer Language to be used

After using several techniques of investigation, the recommended system is now ready to be built. In attempt to construct a user friendly interface for the users, a preferred programming language called Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, which is a general proposed object oriented programming language for front-end the proponent have design the system flowchart that would be helpful in the system design. The database structure has been constructed and SQL Server 2008 R2 shall be used as the back end. Tables are organized, primary keys have been set and normalization has been achieved. User desired output is the goal in designing the system. In order to protect the system for unauthorized use, a system user identification number is required for restriction. For the system and database security, the management will handle the data back-up.


The study about the grading viewing with regards to the proposed system of he researchers which is “Student Information Viewing and Encoding System” will improve the capabilities of the school when it comes with the computer and technology base system. As the study pertain on a long process of claiming grades of the college student and by the help of the said system the process must be highly accessible and capable with computer program which the researchers desiring to imply. The proposed system must be approved because it will help the school to lessen the process in terms of grading viewing and information, most especially for the college student which will benefit the said system.

And if ever when it was approved the registrar will no longer use too much paper supplies for printing the individual evaluation of grades for every professor of every college student also known as class card, instead of that only one paper slip will be needed and it is favourable because the school will save money, aside from that it doesn’t need too much task compared to the present system and it never demand more procedure for it was made easy and quickly process thoroughly.


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