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Grading a writing assignment Essay

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The nature of the organization for which I work benefits from a varied choice of leadership styles due to the different jobs and number of employee’s working on each shift team. We have operators of all ages, different levels of maturity, job experience, different personalities which need to be given great consideration when adopting how to tackle the huge number of situations that can arise within our organization. Adopting different leadership styles to suit these differences can be rewarded by gaining their respect and them showing you loyalty in return.

Eve included a leadership style which I feel suits the demands and environment at ROCCO. The best fit approach In any situation that confronts a leader there are four sets of influencing factors that he she must take into consideration: The leader ? his or her preferred style of operating and characteristics. The subordinates their preferred style of leadership in the light of the circumstances. The task – the job ,it’s objectives and it’s technology.

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These three factors and their fit will in their turn all depend to some extent on:

The environment – the organization setting of the leader ,the group and the importance of the task. The best fit approach maintains that there is no such thing as the right style of leadership,but that the leadership will be most effective when the requirements of the leader,the subordinates and the task fit together. Handy,C 1993,Understanding organizations, page 107. Page Factors that will influence choice of leadership styles The task a certain task may be the result of an emergency, which might need immediate response, speed of decision.

Actions taken may require an authoritarian or autocratic leadership style. Time The time available to complete a task can influences the leadership style, we may need to act on picking up on lost ovens through delays no time for discussion an autocratic style may be adopted. The type of labor force A more highly skilled workforce might be most productive when their opinions are sought, a democratic leadership style will give best results. We have a lot of highly experienced operators their knowledge of plant and machinery is invaluable.

The leaders personality The personality of one manager may be different to another manager and retain leadership styles might suit one but not the other, all our managers have different personalities all using slightly different styles of leadership. Operator’s personalities Our shift teams are made up of 18 operators of varied ages and personalities which need to be treated differently to enable us to extract the best from all,different leadership styles need to be adopted to suit. Gage Styles of leadership and their effects on individuals and the group Autocratic This is often considered the classic approach, it is one in which the manager retains as much power and decision making authority as possible. The manager does not consult employee’s,nor are they allowed to give any input. Employee’s are expected to obey orders without receiving any explanation. This style is effective when. New operators who do not know which task to perform or which procedure to follow. Operators do not respond to any other leadership style. There is little time in which to make a decision.

The autocratic leadership style must not be used when the employee’s become tense, fearful, resentful, lowers morale, increases absenteeism. Bureaucratic Bureaucratic leadership managers manage by the book everything must be done by procedure. If it is not covered by the book, the manager refers to the next level above him. This manager is more of a police officer than a leader, he enforces the rules. This style is effective when: Operators are performing routine tasks over and over, pushing charging ovens. Operators need to understand certain standards, house keeping at ROCCO is kept to high standards.

Operators working with equipment that requires a definite set of procedures to operate. This style is ineffective when the operators lose interest in their job and fellow workers, only do what is expected of them and no more. Page Democratic The democratic leadership style is also called the participative style as it encourages employee’s to be part of the decision making. The democratic manager keeps his employee’s informed about everything that affects their work and shares decision making and problem solving. The leader wants to share in decision making and problem solving.

You want to encourage team building and participation. The leader wants to provide opportunities for employee’s to develop a high sense of personal growth and job satisfaction. This style must not be used if the organization can’t afford mistakes or it is more cost effective or easier for the manager to make decision, there is not enough time to get everyone’s input Laissez-fairer The laissez-fairer leadership style is also known as the hands off approach. It is one in which the manager provides little or no input and give employee’s as much freedom as possible. Employee’s highly skilled,experienced,trustworthy.

Employee’s have pride in their work and the drive to do it. This style should not be used if the manager doesn’t understand his responsibilities and is hoping the employee’s can cover for him,managers are enable to thank employee’s for their good work. Page Own leadership behavior assessed have accessed my own leadership style and from careful analysis and feed back from my shift manager and team members I have identified I have a mixed and varying style of leadership, due to operator’s personalities, tasks and the need to consult employee’s with expertise in their own areas.

My styles vary from autocratic, democratic, liaise-fairer. As an aspiring team leader I will be looking to adopt John Adder’s leadership theory the traits from his theory would adapt to our working environment well, ask, team,individual. I have been using these traits recognized by J. Adair while developing my leadership skills to take on the role of a battery team leader. Task The role of a team leader at ROCCO, I am required to look closely at all tasks how we can improve the efficiency of each task and ways in which we can improve safety of all operations of the task.

Identify aims and vision for the group, purpose,and direction defining the activity/task. Team The responsibilities required as a team leader for the team are: Communicate standards of performance and behavior. Monitor and maintain discipline, ethics,integrity focusing on objectives. Developing team working cooperation, morale and team spirit. Identify and meet group training needs. The Individual The responsibilities as a team leader for each individual are: understand the team members as individuals personalities,skills, strengths,needs,aims and fears.

Identify and agree appropriate individuals responsibilities and objectives. Give recognition and praise to individuals for effort and good work. The potential of me proving my leadership qualities and maintaining the skills ND tools I have gained from using recognized leadership models and theories could keep me in good stead of gaining the permanent position of battery team leader. ROCCO are looking to improve and update the management skills on this level to filter down to the operators improving morale,increase house keeping and operational standards, increasing production. Gage The recent problems faced in the steel industry has partly lead to the organization needing to take on new team leaders with up to date leadership skills, the cultures within or organization have changed dramatically with amours spreading about possibly plant closures effecting cultures within the organization from management level down to the operators,operators have lost some trust in management feeling they have not communicated all details available on our future.

At ROCCO we have different cultures between departments and roles within each shift, we operate our shift based on seniority which gives a slight divide in culture between different roles,age groups. The main culture type that is adopted between all shifts on operator level is that of a role culture,all operators eave clear roles (jobs) to perform which are closely specified. Individuals tend to work closely to their job description, and tend to follow rules rather than to operate in a creative way.

Our organization is looking to promote our current deputy team leaders in to team leader positions to monitor all operations,relationships,increase production and improve morale and relationships between day management and team members. Am currently a deputy on D shift looking to take on the role as battery team leader where I will be expected to bring some consistency to the different cultures within our organization.

We have regular briefing sessions where all operators have the chance to air their feelings and give constructive feed back, discuss how you are dealing with shift affairs, ways to improve relationships and communications between team leaders and operators. Suggestion boxes are also ways to collect peoples thoughts and ideas these can be used as tools to improve your skills and shift dynamics. We have a lot of new young operator’s who need plenty of guidance of correct procedures where I need to adopt a more autocratic style which seems to suit and gain better results.

When faced with problems, situations that I have less experience in then other’s a more democratic style is required, using their knowledge to solve problems and aid in deciding which options to choose. The most experienced operator’s are on machine that they are familiar with and have worked on for many years, they can be left to operator the machine adopting a laissez-fairer style of leadership calling on help only when required, this leadership style can be adopted from the task structure of fielder’s contingency model giving the employee’s freedom to accomplish the task.

Leadership is the ability to get men to do what they don’t like to do and like it (Harry S Truman). Sadler,P 1997 Leadership, page 204. Page Leadership model My leadership style takes characteristics from Fielder’s Contingency Model, this model of leadership is effective when the leader’s style is appropriate to the situation as determined by three principle factors. 1 . Leader-member relations: The nature of the interpersonal relationship between leader and follower, expressed in terms of good through poor, with qualifying modifiers attached as necessary.

It is obvious that the leader’s rationality and the personalities of subordinates play important roles in this variable. 2. Task structure: The nature of the subordinates task, described as structured or unstructured, associated with the amount of creative freedom allowed the subordinates to accomplish the task, and how the task is defined. 3. Position power: The degree to which the position itself enables the leader to get the group members to comply with and accept his or her direction and leadership. Http://www. Stewart-associates. o. UK (Accessed 21st January 2010). Page Actions to enhance own leadership Ways to enhance my own leadership behavior, slow down take more time to listen to employee’s with greater plant experience, listening to peoples problems and personal lives become more off friend without compromising my position using the path-goal model to aid in requiring these traits. Looking to build on my democratic skills with operator’s in all area’s to increase morale, gain their trust to enhance my performance for them and the company. M developing my leadership skills and increasing my knowledge of leadership styles,theories,tools used to aid in enhancing leadership and performance. I eave enrolled on an ELM management course to broaden my management capabilities and give me the tools to become a better leader. I am also reading books to higher my education and use these to reference from to aid me in making the right decisions. Have carried out Beelines self perception quiz to determine what type of traits I have and use the results to strengthen these traits.

To enhance my leadership and relations between me and team members I would look to use some of the characteristics of the path-goal leadership model. The main traits in which I would like to take from this model, supportive leadership engendering the needs of others showing concern for their welfare and creating a friendly working environment. Participative leadership consulting with followers and taking their ideas into account.

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