Half Broke Horses

Skylar Patterson Writing 101 Dr - Half Broke Horses introduction. Moore April 25, 2013 Two Very Different Ladies and Yet Alike Based on a true story Jeanette Walls, the author of the book “Half Broke Horses” gives an interesting narrative of her grandmother’s life, which revolves around various ranches in Texas and New Mexico. The book begins with the interesting section where Lily and her younger siblings are caught up in a flashflood thus prompting them to spend a night on top of an old cotton tree. Upon their return home, the following morning, their overjoyed parents meet them with gladness since they had feared for the worst.

Half broke horses shows the lives of various characters who worked together to make their lives better. Among these characters were Helen and Rosemary who showed a number of similarities. Consequently, comparing Helen and Rosemary in the book half broke horses is essential. Rosemary was an ambitious lady who loved to live a free life in which anyone could do what they loved. Despite her mother’s words “In this life, hardly anyone gets to do what they want to do” she was determined to achieve this aspect of her life without caring what members of her family would view her.

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Therefore, she got married to Rex Walls with whom they strived to make a better life. Their marriage was not readily accepted by Rosemary’s grandmother who commented “My daughter needs an anchor,” to inform Rex that he was not the best man for her granddaughter. Similarly, Helen who is lily’s younger sister portrays some level of ambitiousness. Despite her poor background, she is determined to make it life. She moves from her rural home to Hollywood where she works to become an actress. This aspect reveals that despite the challenges she faced as she grew up she was determined to make the best out of herself.

In addition, these experience show that Rosemary has higher level of ambitiousness on issues about life while Helen is ambitious about her career. Rosemary and Helen portray similarity in terms of seeking knowledge in various fields. First, Rosemary seeks knowledge by attending school. During her school days, she learns to be independent and strong since not all individuals may be friendly is any society. Some of the attributes characterizing Rosemary’s life were developed following conflicts in school where some students tried to intimidate her due to her simple background.

In addition, Helen sought knowledge by moving to Hollywood where she intends to learn the skills that are necessary in making a professional actor. This aspect shows that despite the similarity in the two characters the two sought knowledge in two different ways. Additionally, Helen and Rosemary compare in terms of great feminine beauty, however the impact of the character’s beauty on the individuals vary. This is portrayed by the quote “Helen’s beauty, as far as I was concerned, had been a curse, and I resolved that I would never tell Rosemary she was beautiful”.

This quote confirms the similarity among these two women and what impact this feature had on the relationship between the Rosemary and her mother. However, the beauty in Helen caused her problems while the beauty in Rosemary caused happiness Rosemary portrays a wild and adventurous character in the book titled half broke horses. This is revealed in an instance where Rosemary swims in her underwear with Fidel Hanna and a group of boys at Havasupai Falls. This is also shown by her marriage to Rex Walls as they seek to make a life that s free and fulfilling for both of them.

This feature in Rosemary’s life portrays some characters from her grandmother since her mother contend “I began to worry that Rosemary was unfocused and that if we didn’t stamp it out early, it could become a permanent part of her character” . In comparison, Helen portrayed a less adventurers and rebellious life. For instance, after she becomes pregnant in Hollywood she moves to her sister’s home which was located within the teacher’s quarters of at a school in northern Arizona.

This action reveals that she could not manage to face the effect of meeting her parents in New Mexico since she viewed her situation as shameful. Secondly, Rosemary compares to Helen in terms of being persevering. Helen in the book half broke horses portrays a character that is less persevering as compared to Rosemary in life since she commits suicide after the school authorities in which her sister teaches threatens to fire her if she does not authorize Helen to go home. Faced by the situation of meeting her parents when pregnant was overwhelming hence she chooses suicide as an alternative.

In comparison, Rosemary shows a persevering character in life since she enjoys her life at the ranch despite the deplorable conditions and she also manages to rebel against her parents hence marrying a man of her choice. Thirdly, Helen and Rosemary compare in terms of the effects of mothering children. After Helen discovers that she is pregnant she feels overwhelmed by the thought of being neglected and despised by her parents hence she results to suicide. In comparison, Rosemary finds great joy in her daughter.

This is because she finds fulfillment raising her daughter who grows up to be the author of several books, which reveal the life of indomitable women in Americas past. Half broke horses is a novel based on a true story about the author’s relatives. Faced by numerous situations various characters develop comparable aspects in their lives. Among these characters are Helen and Rosemary who portray a number of comparable aspects in terms of perseverance, education, aggressiveness and childbearing.

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