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The Variety of Hanoi Street Food

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The street food has become familiar to Hanoi. Listen dishes period street names one would imagine crammed Deleting scenes on the narrow streets. But when entering the restaurant, diners really feel good and it seems that the passion for eating completely satisfied. Hanoi a walk in the evening, nothing interesting by just break into a roadside restaurant eating something and watch the city lights up. Characteristics of street food is prepared quickly, not fussy decoration aesthetic practices, that can be enjoyed immediately while still hot.

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The Variety of Hanoi Street Food
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The street sellers are extremely comfortable and warm. You will be treated fairly like everyone no matter who you are. The routine that builds up hanoi pp, may be, is the habit eat right things at right places. When your mind comes up with a dish it will accomplish name of the street famous for it.

This is a dish of students. Bun dau mam tom is said to have spoken out in the fields of Commerce, National Economics, Labor, Social or Human .

Only 10k to 15k you have been a great delicious bun dau with sweet sour sweet and sour shrimp sauce and hot taste of basil, perilla. Bun cha Sometimes Hanoi finish his dinner with a bun cha disk. Delicious bun cha, cheap is made from pork, noodles with some vegetables together, generally can provide the energy needed for a full dinner.

For many people, eating bun cha is a fun, eat for pleasure, to know, to satisfy the longing for its flavor, which is a rare distinctions of bun cha from dishes other food. Enjoy the most delicious bun cha to say, Hang Manh, Hang Than, Hang Duong .Grilled chicken legs. Just wandering on the streets of Hanoi how you too be tempted by the aroma of chicken feet, chicken wings. Do not know where this dish originated, but it has long occupied a small part of the passion for street food of Hanoi. A chicken leg drive, a few pieces of mango pickles, sip a small bottle of rice wine, then any of the fun will not want to stop.

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