Check Out NYC’s Latest Street Food Trends

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Street vendors selling everything from hotdogs to oysters have been doing business in New York City for over 200 years. Today, you can still easily find and enjoy these traditional dishes. But remember to also keep an eye for these delicious contemporary food trends.

Vegan options in NYC are ever upgrading and expanding. The Cinnamon Snail is a vegan food truck with a menu that’s varied, flavorful, and value for money. Get the blue corn pancakes with pine nut butter and maple syrup for breakfast. Or ask for the beastmode burger deluxe at dinner time — a chili seitan burger grilled in maple hickory bbq sauce, with jalapeño mac n cheese, smoked chili coconut bacon, baby arugula, and chipotle mayo on a grilled pretzel bun. And Sans is a new vegan pop-up in Carroll Gardens run by a former Eleven Madison Park sous-chef. Expect mouthwatering dishes including plum terrine served with orchard fruit jelly and brioche, lasagne, caramel ice cream with chocolate crumble, and Vodka glazed donuts.

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Expect to see an influx of unconventional items on the menu at your favorite food trucks. Vendors are following in the footsteps of Ryan Hibbert Riot Hospitality Group, a successful hospitality management company, and working hard to give their customers what they want: unique and memorable dining experiences. In particular, trucks at Seventh Street Truckyard are selling homemade ice cream doughnut sandwiches made with locally-sourced ingredients, as well as pizza topped with alligator, snake, and wild boar meat. You’ll also find plenty of fancy drinks like homemade lemonades, speciality teas, and ice cream floats selling for roughly $5 or $6 each.

CBD-infused food products are sweeping the city. CBD (or cannabidiol) won’t get you high, but it can aid relaxation and potentially relieve pain. In NYC, you can head to MatchaBar (Soho) to sample their new beverage, the Honeypot Latte. The ingredients include Calendula, Honeypot CBD-infused organic raw honey, and their famous ceremonial-grade matcha sourced directly from an independent family farm in Nishio, Japan. There’s also Sweets by CHLOE. (Bleecker St.), a vegan counter-serve pit stop with its own line of CBD-infused baked goods. “Mary Jane”, a chocolate ice cream cake with CBD frosting and green sprinkles, and the “A-to-CBDey” cookie laced with pretzels and marshmallows are some of the delicious, CBD-infused treats on offer. Whether you’re after a healthy bite or a decadent treat, you’ll find it in NYC. You’re bound to love these current food trends dominating the city. Enjoy.

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