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Integrated Ethics healthcare plays a big role in everyday life of professionals. It is important for professionals to be fully be aware of the ethical requirements. The lecture highlights integrated health care as Value Based payment and mental health, The CMS’s Behavioral integration code and other important needs of Health care system. In order for the professionals to provide well-integrated care. The topic that was raised by speaker Informed Consent plays a big role in an Integrated care system. With Informed Consent comes the importance of communicating for the most important decisions which is treatment. The plans for treatment requires communication with the client and help them recognize the therapy as a whole. “It is therefore crucial that the challenge of sustaining organizational integrity in health care be framed in a manner that acknowledges multiple stakeholder relationships, the responsibilities owed to these stakeholders, and the influence of stakeholders on the values, decisions, and actions of health care organiza? Tions“ (Thompson, 1992).

In everyday job of professionals code of Ethic conduct is used to help ensure competence and for ethical decision to be made accordingly to the conduct. “ Changes has been an endemic feature of American health care throughout the twenties century, Hospitals have grown from communities in institutions caring for the homeless and dying into modern technological corporations” ( Gallagher, Goodsteing 433). There are many undergone transformations throughout twentieth century. There is a difference in how Professionals in the health center now engage with their clients. This care planning model is more effective for the clients. With respect comes the good services for the clients and it’s easy to have a good relationship with the the clients. Attention is one major thing that a client needs at times to feel like what they want and their needs are being met. Without attention they might feel discomfort and not want to seek for the service that they need. There might be the need not wanting to communicate and share what they feel with the professionals. An essential role for the code of ethics is a major part of integrated; The topic that was raised by the speaker. One of the important things that the professionals needs to ensure Health Care without a delay, professionals put aside differences with the client to provide the best possible integrated care with all types of background clients. The basic ethical principles like Beneficence, Justice and Respect for people’s right and dignity.

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For example the right for the client whether they decide to participate in understanding the procedure, surve only within the boundaries of competence. Ethics plays a very significant part of Integrated care of every area of study. Primary Care; Primary care may be developed relationship with the patient but not directly communicating on the patients deep secret. Data through intervention or interaction with the individual and identifiable as private information. On the video presented by Kent. The cultural differences are the differences of position that they learn and practice. The cultural differences considers certain characteristics. The patients are direct to the primary care first, there are no biological perception. Primary care provider have the right to provider what they can do with the patient. In primary health care there are more specific health disparities between ethics about Health care disparities exist in the United States. “Recent meta-analysis of postpartum depression tx in primary care positive but only 10 studies (stephens, et al., 2016. Effectiveness of psychological interventions for postnatal depression in primary care. Ann fam fam med, 14, 463-472. )” American college of Physicians Ethical implication of EHR (spring 2017). “ should protect confidentiality, not distract from interaction, “Note-bloat and cut and paste problematic, curiously silent on extent of disclosures” (The EHR). There are many responsibilities to clients. To develop an ethical sense knowledge about maintaining confidentiality and responsibilities to clients needs to be addressed. Professionals knows not to discriminate on anything that includes the basis of ethnicity, color, sexual orientation, age, political belief, religion or race etc. The other thing is my responsibilities od professional boundaries, confidentiality is one of the main important thing. I will go only within my boundaries, I know that is a client comes to me with personal issue they trust me enough to tell me their personal problems.

I need to respect and maintain their confidentiality. Client must be assured of all the aspects by addressing their is through communication. They need to informed with all there needs to be understood by using the toolbox for professionals. I know they understood the concept when they agree or are willing to participate in any type of research. Informed consent is one of the most important aspect of ethics because informed consent have been promoted to protect the human subjects of research and consumers therapy. Subjects must be informed to the participant to protect the confidentiality, the research participation has choice of deciding on the research participation. Regarding to confidentiality to avoid disregard of the clients by treating their information any other privacy of the clients thats a professional assessment and treatment.It is important to maintain competence of a patient, if there is a trouble understanding patients, I shouldn’t act upon my assisting someone without the knowledge or training with particular client to know more about them. Respect cultural differences and be aware of the sensitivities of individual clients. Health disparities is increasing chronic condition such as obesity, disease and cancer.

First, In order to reduce disparities in health care, cultural components needs to be delivered. Then promotion and protection of human right which includes vulnerability reduction and promotion of human right which includes education, diagnosis, testing, intervention and treatment which are described in the textbook reduces health disparities. Socioeconomic can also reduce disparities people needs to have basic needs such as food, housing, access to health prevent lack of access to quality education or employment. Other method of reducing disparities is the condition in which people live is education which they learn, work, play, can impact the health and reduce disparities. “Accordingly, regional efforts to spur Caring Science integration (CSI) focused on building an infrastructure for education, awareness, and spread that encouraged an organic, creative process for local teams to adopt, adapt, and frame Caring Science within their daily practice and at their Medical Centers. In this article, we outline some of these practices, provide an overview of our regional Caring Science strategy, and begin to provide evidence on how integration of Caring Science across administrative, operational, and clinical areas within a Medical Center appears to contribute to meaningful patient quality and health outcomes.” Cultural Differences: Culture holds significant meaning of illness. If it is real or an imagination. Culture meanings of illness have a real consequences in term of whether people are motivated to seek treatment.

After the consequences that causes symptoms that can be extreme distress and disability if aren’t received integrated healthcare. One barrier of health care for minorities is the disparities that exist among ethnic minority, one way is that there are general statements about cultural characteristics that are stereotyping of someone based on their appearance and affiliation without knowing them. Lack of education, not having education of symptom can prevent some minorities from having to receive the treatment they need on time that also tieson to socioeconomic level of an individual. Many minority groups continue to suffer from cancer Racial disparities also exist in cancer screening and other treatment of minorities. This symptoms could be interpersonal conflicts, depression, isolation, loneliness, etc.for Maintain acceptance and do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, political belief, religion. example student have hard time focusing in school if they are experiencing depression. Looking at different illnesses and health practices there are inquiries in racial that affect some racial, ethnic and socioeconomic. Treat all patients/clients impartially, no matter their personal background differences.

Be aware of cultural competence and appreciation of social diversity. Is all part of the professionals job, As professional they shouldn’t have any problems with having cultural differences with a client. Gifts are also not accepted from more than minimal value from a grateful client. trained to do their job by providing integrated care. The role-plays in mental disorders are very difficult for professionals to interact with patients’ prevalence and their treatment. Clients have hard time due to the differences with the client because professional can change their culture for clients, they have their own beliefs about the ways things should be and the attitude wars som vething are all tied with culture. This acts can have a lot of influence on influence on the strategies use for treatment and diagnosis on the client. “With consideration of clients’ past treatment experiences and with relationship established and, maintained among clients, caregivers and community members, in- patients treatment management can be planned for and the typical time-consuming, bureaucratic, expensive, and embarrassing civil commitment event can be avoided.”

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